‘True Blood’ Recap: Another Character Bites The Dust

Lucy Griffiths as Nora on "True Blood" (Photo: HBO)

“True Blood” is really, truly good again.

This week’s episode, “In The Evening,” was once again a fast-paced, cohesive, sexy, funny, poignant hour of television. Plus, another semi-major character died.

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Kudos to this season’s showrunner Brian Buckner for delivering on his Comic-Con promise of bringing the show back to its vampire core.

Rest In Pieces, Nora

There’s no hoarier showbiz cliche than enemies who are forced to work together in support of a common goal. But when Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are the reluctant allies, it’s awesome.

After overhearing that the state of Louisiana is about to distribute Tru Blood tainted with Hepatitis V, Eric, still disguised as a camp guard, kills the Tru Blood truck driver and flees the camp with a sick Nora (Lucy Griffiths).

He asks Bill to heal her. But Nora refuses to drink Billith’s blood because she lost her faith in Lilith. Bill insists they have to honor her dying wish. Eric pleads with him to reconsider, saying that he believes Bill is divine.

Bill tells Eric about his vision of a white circular room where every vampire he cares about meets the sun. That’s why he needs Warlow so his fairy/vampire blood can save vampires. Eric agrees to help him if Bill helps Nora. So Bill force-feeds her Bill’s blood.

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It doesn’t work. Eric thinks Warlow’s blood might be able to save her. Nora thinks the vampire bible states that she can’t be cured. Eric the skeptic prays to Lilith to save her. He flashes back to the 1600s. Eric has a hilarious long wig that would not look out of place in a grunge band.

The king tells him to find his mistress, who is helping plague victims. By the time he finds Nora, she has already developed pustules. She refuses to return to the king’s palace, wanting to die on her own terms. Impressed by her courage, Eric decides to save her.

Presumably, he took her to Godric off camera, since they were supposedly siblings, not sire and maker. In the present, she melts into a pile of blood and organs. So we now know that Heptatis V is a terrible way to die. Few viewers are going to miss Nora, but, thanks to Eric’s grief, her death was quite moving. Bill returns and finds his foe cradling the goop formerly known as Nora.

Remember What Happened the Last Time a Power-Hungry Sarah Ran a State?

Sarah (Anna Camp) finds the governor’s head on a pike. Actually it’s a column at his mansion. Bill managed to kill him with style. She seems genuinely distraught, delivering a soliloquy to his head in which she vows to make sure that his death was not in vain. She is convinced it’s part of God’s plan.

Sarah tells a senator to call Olivia Pope to dispose of the governor’s body so they can pretend he is governing from an undisclosed location. She will handle all vampire-related matters. Once the Het V spreads through the vamp population, the governor’s last wish will be honored. Start writing your Sarah Newlin meets Meilli Grant fan fiction now.

Jeremy the Accidental Wing Man

Willa, who has returned to Vamp Camp at Eric’s request, warns Pam (Kristin Bauer) about the tainted Tru Blood. Pam tells Willa to pass on the news to Jessica and Tara, but leave the rest of the vampires in the dark. She pragmatically figures that if a bunch of other vampires die, the LATVF won’t suspect that they are on to their plan.

A guard takes Jessica (Deborah Woll)  to Jason (Ryan Kwanten), who is in LATVF gear. He tells her he came to help her escape. Jessica is not interested. He thinks she has “stockholder’s syndrome.”

He reveals he witnessed the guard’s attempts to force her to have sex. She says there is one way he can help her: Arrange for her to thank the hot, chivalrous vampire James face-to-face. Not since Lisa Simpson mocked Ralph Wiggum’s valentine has a male television character been so thoroughly humiliated by the object of his affection.

But Jason brings him to her. She tells James that his behavior convinced him that vampires aren’t monsters. James says he believes vampires choose to forfeit their souls and he made another choice.

She tells James about the tainted Tru Blood, which may result in the noble vampire warning the entire prison. Jessica asks him to make love to her, explaining that she’s never been with a vampire. James is happy to have consensual sex with her.

Let this be a lesson: women do want nice guys, as long as they’re hot. Jason’s day goes from bad to worse when Sarah tells him the governor is dead and he has lost his leverage, She has him thrown in female gen-pop after cutting his wrist open. Tara saves him from being sucked dry, but the cellblock’s Queen Bee declares that she has dibs on him.

Sookie Puts Sisters Before Misters

Sookie (Anna Paquin) enjoys the novelty of waking up in daylight with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky). Sookie makes it clear that though she had sex with him, she doesn’t want to marry him. He is surprised because he has not dated for several centuries. Sookie hears Arlene crying at Terry’s grave and teleports out of fairyland to help her friend.

Carrie Preston is the performer of the week, as she injects realism into the campy “True Blood” world with her portrayal of Arlene’s grief.

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)  and Sookie open Terry’s safe deposit box. They find Terry’s life insurance policy that was issued three days ago. They realize he planned his death. That will look really suspicious so Arlene probably won’t get anything. They are about to break the news to a drunk Arlene when Bill daywalks into the room to tell Sookie that Warlow is the only one who can save the vampires.

Alcide Fails to Tell a Pack of Lies

When Sam (Sam Trammell) learns that Terry  died, he decides he must return to Bon Temps. After some goodbye shower sex, Nicole (Jurnee Smollett) leaves with her mother. It would be great if that were the last we saw of such a boring character, but when Alcide (Joe Manganiello) tells the pack that Sam is dead, Rikki drags out Nicole and her mother as evidence of her lies. Looks like they will never have gross sex again.

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