Cast of ‘The Mindy Project’ Tease Big Guests and Short Hair for Season Two

Ed Weeks, Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina from "The Mindy Project" (FOX)

The Mindy Project” is heading to Haiti in Season 2, picking up where it left off with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) following through on her promise to boyfriend Casey (Anders Holm) to accompany him to the Caribbean.

“We thought it would be lame if we didn’t go to Haiti, so we do,” executive producer Matt Warburton told reporters at a Television Critics Association panel on the Universal Studios lot, where the comedy films.

The panel went on to explain that initially, “The Mindy Project” was conceived as a workplace comedy, similar to Kalin’s alma mater “The Office,” but as it developed, they discovered that it was the romantic comedy aspects of the show that resonated with them — and with the audience.

“When we started seeing cuts of episodes, we noticed that was a part we loved about the show,” Kaling says. “Seeing Mindy on dates was really fun and seeing a person fail at romance was fun in a way you couldn’t really show in the office.”

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That said, it won’t be long until Mindy is single again, so look for Holms to only appear in a few episodes before Mindy returns to New York, where she has to readjust to life in the Big Apple.

“The first few episodes [back in Manhattan] are about her relationships and re-introducing the world we’ve grown to love,” Warburton added.

Keeping with the romantic comedy aspect of the show in the second season, Danny (Chris Messina) will have patched things up with his ex-wife, so Chloe Sevigny will be back to guest star.

“Danny’s kind of gone suburban. He’s living in New Jersey,” commented Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan Tookers on the show, as well as serving as its executive story editor.

New characters will include James Franco as Mindy’s nemesis, Adam Pally as a new gynecologist in the office, and Jeremy’s (Ed Weeks) dad, who has yet to be cast.

And for those concerned that Kaling actually cut her hair in the season finale, not to worry, Kaling is wearing a wig, which she had on during today’s panel.

“I have loved having the short hair,” said Kaling, who says she wanted to keep her options open, so she decided on the wig instead of an Anne Hathaway-like dramatic haircut. “But my writing staff largely hates it.” She added, “I’m just going to let it grow out slowly over the first part of the year.”

“The Mindy Project” returns on Sept. 17 at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.

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