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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya [Mon – Fri, 8:00p ET/8:30p PT]
Saanchi is a hopeless romantic and a spirited young girl from Jaipur. She belongs to a family where traditions and values are of utmost importance. Fed on a daily diet of traditional romantic classics, Saanchi romanticizes the idea of “falling in love”. She wants to live a life of adventure like many small town girls but is bound by rules.

ZEE Cine Awards [Friday, February 28th 7:30 ET/4:30 PT]
Year after year, the biggest names of Indian cinema congregate at ZEE Cine Awards to celebrate the best contributions made to the world of films in the previous year. After creating a global footprint for the Indian film industry in places like Macau, Singapore, London, Mauritius and Dubai, it is, once again, the time to acknowledge and recognize excellence in the Indian film industry.

Doli Armano Ki  [Sun – Thu, 10:30p ET/7:30p PT]
Set in Jhansi, ‘Doli Armaanon Ki’ is the story of a starry-eyed, small-town bride Urmi who embarks on the quest for marital bliss, her eyes brimming with hope. Will Urmi find her knight in shining armor who will whisk her away into a fairytale wedding only to live happily ever after or will she end up disillusioned and disappointed?

Friday Night Premier [Fridays, 9:00p ET/6p PT]
Premiere of the Month features Blockbuster hits with your favorite Bollywood stars, sets, and adventure! On the last Friday of every month, this special debut showcases the latest movies of the year! With the biggest names in Bollywood under one roof, Zee TV is your go to channel for premiere Bollywood movies.

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