‘Falling Skies’ Finale: Anne Returns and Tom Faces More Crazy Adventures

Noah Wylie of "Falling Skies" (Photo: TNT)

It looks as if the 2nd Mass is headed to Boston to destroy a crucial Espheni base in the Season 3 finale of “Falling Skies,” despite heated debate as to whether or not it is a smart move. But it is one that Tom [Noah Wyle] wants to make, so he rallies the troops toward the objective.

“Tom has been tested a lot this season, but we haven’t yet reached the apex of what that testing will be,” executive producer/showrunner Remi Aubuchon told xfinityTV at Comic-Con. “There are a lot of crazy adventures that he still has to go through and he has been through quite a few of them already.”

We will also discover what happened to Tom’s partner, Dr. Anne Glass [Moon Bloodgood], who has been missing ever since she bundled up baby Lexi — upon learning that their newborn daughter had both human and alien DNA — and took off for parts unknown. Tom had an alien-induced vision that Anne and Lexi were dead, but whether or not that is true remains to be seen because he was subjected to it while under Karen’s (Jessy Schram) control.

“We don’t know what has happened to Anne and Lexi,” said executive producer/director Greg Beeman. “It is an open question mark. She is here, but it could be a big funeral scene at the end.”

One thing we do know is that the season finale will see the arrival of more interstellar players, which will keep the fate of Earth’s remaining humans in doubt. Whether the aliens are Espehni or Volm, like Cochise [Doug Jones], is not yet known, but we will learn what the weapon is that the Volm have been building.

“The season has been building to that,” Beeman said. “One of the things we as filmmakers discuss is we open up new questions and then we have to answer them. Hopefully, by the end, the answer to Cochise, the Volm and the big gun will be very clear.”

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The implication being that the enemy of my enemy may not be my friend. Just because the humans have allied with the Volm in their fight against the Espheni, it doesn’t mean that if the Espheni are eliminated or driven off Earth, that the Volm don’t have an equally horrific plan for mankind up its sleeve.

“We all think victory is the goal,” Aubuchon said. “We all want to be victorious, but there are prices that have to be paid for that kind of victory and we are not always sure what victory is. That is a lot of what Tom is struggling with. At first he thinks, ‘We’ve got allies, I have a big gun, and we are finally turning the tide on the war. That is what we should be doing.’ Then he realizes, it is not all about that. It is not all about killing the enemy … it is what you are left with at the end of that victory.”

One of the reasons the Charleston compound was added to the series was to show that even in an apocalypse, society will try to rebuild itself even as the fight goes on. The existence of Charleston also helps demonstrate that with something to fight for, the survivors’ resolve becomes deeper and greater. It becomes a matter of live free or die. It may be that they are fighting a war that will never end, but it is one they can never stop fighting.

“Our story is always about how you maintain your humanity, how you maintain society, how you maintain your family in the face of the biggest possible adversity possible,” Beeman said.

The “Falling Skies” Season 3 finale, entitled “Brazil,” airs Sunday, August 4, at 10/9c on TNT.

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