‘Today’s’ Al Roker Oversleeps for First Time in Nearly 40 Years

Al Roker, of "The Today Show" (Photo: NBC)

Today’sAl Roker finally succumbed to one of the major pitfalls of co-hosting a morning show — missing his early morning wake-up call!

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the NBC weatherman overslept Tuesday morning and missed his pre-“Today” show “Wake Up with Al.”

“After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show. Missed #WUWA. But will be on time for @today,” Roker confessed in a Tweet Tuesday.

Once Al made it to “Today” on time, the gang teased him about the faux pas, even though it’s every morning-show host’s nightmare.

Roker says he overslept simply because his “phone didn’t go off” and when someone asked him what his back-up was, he replied, “For 39 years, I didn’t need one.”

Speaking of alarms, Matt Lauer fired off an unintentionally alarming Tweet about his sleepyhead co-star that referred to Al as “Rip van Roker” [instead of Rip van Winkle] — which many people misread as saying “RIP” Al Roker and led them to believe Al was not just in a deep sleep but resting in peace! Lauer later clarified the Tweet on-air.

Playing off the yucks and yawns, Roker also posted a video on Vine featuring the drowsy weatherman yawning his way through this morning’s “Today” show.

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