Last Season Opener of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Big Hit

Bryan Cranston, left, and Aaron Paul in "Breaking Bad" (Photo: AMC)

NEW YORK (AP) — AMC’s critically acclaimed drama “Breaking Bad” is breaking out.

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The Nielsen ratings company says 5.9 million people watched the first of the Emmy Award-winning show’s eight final episodes Sunday night. That’s nearly double the audience it has ever reached for an episode. The previous record was just under 3 million and came last August.

Sunday’s episode featured a gripping confrontation between star Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character and the brother-in-law who had suddenly realized White was the drug kingpin he had been searching for. The show began in 2008 and ends next month.

The ratings indicate growing interest in the series from people who get into it on their own time.

Watch Sunday Night’s “Breaking Bad” Opener Below:


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