Jimmy Fallon Tweets ‘Joking Bad’ Teaser

by | August 13, 2013 at 11:12 AM | Breaking Bad, Fall TV 2013, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, TV News

Jimmy Fallon's "Joking Bad" (Photo: Jimmy Fallon/Twitter)

By Tony Maglio

Jimmy Fallon has been tweeting photos teasing an upcoming “Late Night” parody, “Joking Bad.”

The comedian tweeted two photos on Monday of the “Breaking Bad” spoof, in which he is dressed up as Walter White/Heisenberg, with his late night talk show announcer Steve Higgins donning on-again off-again partner Jesse’s signature beanie and hoodie.

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That is all the info Fallon has given at this point, but if his history of parodying pop culture is any evidence of what is to come, it should be pretty funny.

According to the tweets, “Joking Bad” is coming out in September.

Tread lightly, and read the Tweets:

“Coming in September… #JokingBad #BreakingBad #TalkingBad #LateNight” — said the first Tweet.

“This September, tread lightly. #JokingBad #LateNight” Fallon Tweeted.