‘Revenge’ Star Gabriel Mann Expects his Bisexual Character to be Single and Involved with Men

by | August 14, 2013 at 4:22 PM | LGBT, Revenge

Gabriel Mann on "Revenge." (ABC)

Gabriel Mann’s bisexual character of Nolan Ross on ABC’s “Revenge” is likely to go back to being involved with men during the coming season.


‘I tend to think, as in life, that whenever the pendulum swings one way, it tends to swing back the other way equally so,’ the actor tells The Backlot.

The cagey Ross had a steamy affair with bad guy Tyler Barrol (played by Ashton Holmes) during season one but that ended when Tyler was apparently killed.

Last season saw Ross involved with Padma Lahari (Dilshad Vadsaria) who also ended up dead.

Mann hints that Ross may become something of a slut.

‘I’m not going to say love is dead for Nolan but he’s certainly not trying to learn names at this point,’ he said.

Mann added that he would not be surprised if ‘Nolan has bought stock in Grindr.’

The actor is not revealing plot points but he did confirm that he will be seen in a speedo at some point during the season and that there will be a lot more sex in season three.

‘We’ve got a not-unattractive cast and I think there are a lot of classes of revenge to explore,’ he said. ‘I feel like it’s time to explore sexual manipulation across the board.’


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