Adrien Brody To Play Escape Artist Houdini in History Mini

by | August 19, 2013 at 4:03 PM | TV News

Adrien Brody (inset) will play the great Harry Houdini in a new History Channel miniseries (Photos: Getty Images)

History Channel is preparing another history-based miniseries — this time a four-hour production on the life of Harry Houdini, with Adrien Brody playing the master illusionist and escape artist.

History made the announcement on Monday: Production will commence this fall on the miniseries for which no prospective airdate was provided.

Brody will star along with Kristen Connolly, who will play Houdini’s wife, Bess. Uli Edel is on board to direct the miniseries, which is a co-production of A&E Networks, parent company of History Channel, and Lionsgate Television.

In a prepared statement, Brody waxed enthusiastic about playing the entertainment legend who lived from 1874 to 1926. “Since my childhood, when I dreamed of being a great magician, Harry Houdini has been one of my heroes,” Brody said.

“His bravery and obsessive determination still fascinate me. Houdini mastered the art of escape – not only from physical chains, but from poverty and the social constraints of a humble immigrant origin. His life story appeals to the universal longing for acceptance with which we all can identify. To portray him is beyond an honor.”

The miniseries — titled simply “Houdini” — is the latest in a growing list of fact-based miniseries and limited series on History, including Kevin Costner’s “Hatfields & McCoys” and “Vikings.”