‘True Blood’ Finale: The Naked and the Possibly Dead

Anna Paquin in the season finale of "True Blood" (Photo: HBO)

Midway through the season six “True Blood” finale, “Radioactive,” I was upset that the show had wrapped up the engrossing Vamp Camp storyline the week before the finale and Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) marriage to Warlow (Rob Kazinsky)was not enough to drive the last episode of the season.

Then Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) was completely, gloriously naked and it was the best episode ever. Then he seemingly died — though as every soap fan knows, no character is truly dead until you see the corpse. That made it the worst episode ever. Then the show jumped forward in time setting up some huge changes that portend a season seven which will surely invite a lot of complaints that the show is ripping off “The Walking Dead.”

It’s a Dead Man’s Party

The episode opens with Sookie and Alcide (Joe Mangianello) still at Terry’s neverending funeral. Fortunately, their friendly conversation seems to undo that ridiculous attraction amnesia plot from a couple seasons back, because their chemistry is on fire. But their potential romantic rekindling is interrupted when the entire Vamp Camp crew arrives and a bacchanalian orgy commences. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) introduces Sookie to Violet who greets her with a kiss on the lips. “She’s European,” Jason helpfully points out.

Sookie decides that, now that everyone is safe, it’s time for her to return to Warlow in fairyland. Pam (Kristin Bauer) also decides to take off, over Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) protests, in search of Eric.

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Bill Pushes the Reset Button

Bill (Stephen Moyer) watches the festivities through his window like a sad old man. Now that he has cut ties with Lilith, he no longer has extra powers. Jessica (Deoborah Ann Woll) persuades him that, now that he’s back to his old self, he should put on his white hat and save Sookie.

Warlow Turns Into the Villain from a Lifetime Movie

Sookie tells Warlow she’s gained a new perspective in the four hours she spent apart from him. She chalks it up to attending a good friend’s funeral, but let’s get real. It was because she was reminded of the hotness that is Alcide. She suggests, now that all of her friends are safe, that they date for a while instead of rushing into marriage. He goes psycho, knocking her to the ground and announcing that he just wants to have sex with her and use her for her blood. Granted, night has fallen so his vampire side has come out, but it’s pretty sick. Fortunately, with assistance from Adilyn, Bill, Jessica and Jason ride to her rescue. Jason gets Sookie out of fairyland and Bill manages to impale Warlow.

The vampire-fairy soon regains his strength and chases them back to earth. When Warlow corners Sookie in her bathroom, Niall (Rutger Hauer) is able to travel through a portal and subdue him. Jason stakes Warlow, who anticlimactically dissolves into a pile of goo. After over a season of build-up, Warlow was ultimately just another man who was obsessed with Sookie. Who would have dreamed at the start of the season that Sarah Newlin would turn out to be the season’s most interesting villain?

Eric: The Ecstasy and the Agony

The fairy blood finally loses its power and all the vampires lose their daywalking ability. Fortunately, most of them are indoors or able to quickly move to safety. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), however, is in Sweden, sunbathing completely nude on top of a remote mountain. Every single bit of Eric is revealed, for your pervy viewing pleasure. He’s European! He bursts into flames, with seemingly no way of escaping death. Pam, who is headed towards him, would presumably suffer the same fate if she reached him in time. But, we never see him turn into a pile of goo, so unless Skasgard demanded a quadrillion dollar raise, the will probably show up next season.

How Sookie Got Her Groove Back

A subtitle announces that it’s now six months later. Bill is on a talk show discussing his bestselling book detailing how he murdered the governor in retaliation for creating the Hep V epidemic. Sookie watches him on television. But she has more interesting entertainment in her living room: shirtless Alcide, who has spent the past few months romancing Sookie and getting a decent haircut. It would have been nice to see their relationship develop onscreen, but way to go, Sookie!

The New World Order

Sookie’s love life is not the only change that has transpired in the past six months. Hep V infected vamps are wandering the country, killing all the humans in small towns.  There’s no explanation for how the infected vampires are strong enough to roam, since the disease was shown to kill vampires in a few days earlier this season. Uninfected vampires are hungry, since there is no Tru Blood. Violet will still not allow a horny Jason to have sex with her. Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s. That’s because Sam (Sam Trammell)  is now the mayor. It’s a good thing he did not come out of the shifter closet. He has arranged for the town’s two churches to hold a joint service where he announces his plan for battling the epidemic. Every human is to have their blood tested to determine if they are Hep V carriers. Apparently, the disease does not impact humans, but they can pass it on to vampires. Sam’s proposal is that all Hep V negative humans form a monogamous feeding relationship with an uninfected vampire. In return, the vampires will protect the humans from the weaker infected vampires. Jason is a trendsetter!

I like this twist. It’s something we haven’t seen on a vampire show. Creating an AIDS-like disease that affects vampires is heavyhanded but makes the show’s vampire=gay metaphor work better. Humans’ fear of vampires has never been based on an irrational prejudice given that vampires really do attack people. Having them reluctantly work together to battle a disease that only affects vampires but also impacts the larger human community is a decent analogy for the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

At a mixer, Lettie Mae offers to make up for a lifetime of bad parenting by letting Tara feed from her. It’s one of the most heartfelt, emotionally true scenes in the show’s history. Tara, initially wary, hungrily takes her mother up on her offer. The question is whether Lettie Mae might actually be Hep V positive, and is knowingly infecting her daughter.

Bill offers his protection to Sookie, assuring her he can now be trusted. Alcide points out that Sookie’s got an enormous werewolf to provide that service, while Sookie argues that Bill has never been trustworthy. A group of infected vampires lurch into town, like zombies, as the screen fades to black.

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