‘RHOOC’ Reunion Part 2: Ladies Call Gretchen’s Engagement to Slade Fake

Gretchen Rossi Cries at "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Reunion (Photo: Bravo)

On Monday night’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” Reunion Part 2, the thrashing and gnashing of bleached teeth was directed towards Gretchen this time—and you better believe Vicki and her new juicy face were whooping it up!

If we could sum up in two words how the ladies generally felt about Gretchen Rossi this season, Vicki—from a handful of episodes back—said it best: Liar Face. And each Housewife even extended that to Gretchen’s on-camera engagement to Slade! Was it a ploy to keep herself on the cast?

But the future Mrs. Slade Smiley was ready and armed, and in some of the various accusations the gals dropped on her, she brought out the manilla folder with printouts to prove them wrong! #OldSchool #GetATablet

Check Out All the Highlights Here:

– Tamra claims she had no intention of bringing up her suicidal bouts as a teen this past season and that it was off the cuff, thanks to her unfiltered mouth. With tears in her eyes, she also happens to intimate (off the cuff, we guess) that her son Ryan also has suicidal tendencies, which we’re sure he really appreciates the world knowing. “It’s way easier for me to be a b**ch…it’s harder with this emotion stuff,” Tamra says sobbing. (We know, Tam-Tam. We’ve seen you hone your craft with great precision throughout the years.)

– When Andy turns the focus on Gretchen’s shadiness, Tamra’s bridal shopping day and her decision to invite Alexis comes up. Gretch tries to call Tamra out by pulling out the ole manilla folder and showing printouts of texts and emails Tamra had sent her, which had dissed Alexis, even up to the day of her bridal dress event. But Tamra readily admits that she lied to Gretch about hating Alexis in order to make her happy. “You’re such a f**king difficult friend to be with!” Tamra hyena screams. (Backstage, Eddie’s breasts burst into waterfalls from her angry high pitch.)

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County/6358204452082368112/43384388002/Gretchen-Cites-Her-Sources/embed 580 476]

– As for whether or not Gretch was guaranteed a role on the now-defunct “Malibu Country,” all the women agree they smell major dog dookie on Gretchen’s claim that she was given a part and that she sacrificed it just to be at Tamra’s bridal dress party. Heather broke down a timeline to show Gretchen to be a Liar Face, but we barely listened to her because we were distracted by her blue eye shadow and McDonaldLand hair.

– As for Gretchen and Slade’s engagement episode, like salivating wolves, the ladies lash out and tell Gretch they think she orchestrated it to keep up her relevancy on the show since she didn’t have much of a “storyline” this season. In shock that they would question her love for Smiley Man and be so disingenuous, Gretchen barely speaks. Her lips try to tremble, but they’re too filled up with synthetic juice that they just protrude like two little sausages.

– When Andy shows a montage of Gretchen’s engagement on top of the roof, her tough exterior melts and she does the ugly cry (even though, strangely, tears don’t blip down her face). “I can never imagine you guys would say that was made up!” Gretchen exclaims.

– Seeing that Gretchen is revealing a really fugly expression on her face, the ladies suddenly realize she wouldn’t do so unless she was speaking some truth on the matter. Surprisingly, Vicki apologizes, then Heather and then Tamra. Looking like she’s being hypnotized by Andy’s tie, Alexis stares blankly ahead.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County/6358204452082368112/43384388000/Gretchen-s-Meltdown/embed 580 476]

– But the blank face turns into cry baby face, when Gretch confounds Alexis’ fragile emotional state by saying her biggest regret was that Alexis wasn’t at her engagement party. Wiping away her non-existent tears, Gretchen says she would’ve wanted Alexis to be there because she was the only one from the beginning who thought she and Slade made a great couple.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the reunion next week, where Brooks and Vicki’s daughter Briana compete for The OC’s Most Blotchy Peach Face Award! Whoo hoo!

“The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion, Part 3” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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