‘Kardashians’ Recap: Placenta. It’s What’s for Dinner Tonight

Kim Kardashian (Photo: E!)

This week on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian trick the family into eating human placenta and Rob Kardashian picks up a new wood-carving hobby.

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner travels across the country to pay a visit to a longtime enemy, talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

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Here’s what went down…

Placenta. It’s What’s for Dinner Tonight
Kim, who obviously has a lot of time on her hands in the last months of pregnancy, begins researching the health benefits of eating placenta after giving birth. She decides eating placenta is something she wants to try and shares her wishes during a family dinner where she finds little support from the family aside from “earth mother” Kourtney.

“I want to have a third child just so I can eat the placenta,” Kourtney claims. Scott Disick rolls his eyes and suggests she just eat some of Kim’s. Because that is a normal thing sisters do. Instead, the girls decide to ask family chef Sharone to help them serve a human placenta that they ordered on the Internet to the family without them knowing. Also a normal thing that people do.

Scott discovers the girls’ plan, but decides not to let the family in on the secret. “I wish I could say that I’d like to warn everybody that they are about to embark on a placenta marathon, but the truth is, everyone in this room has done something to me, so eat up,” Scott says. It’s really no wonder he doesn’t get along with anyone.

The placenta feast arrives and Bruce, Kris and the rest of the clan unknowingly chow down on the afterbirth. No one finds it particularly appetizing to begin with, but are obviously even more disgusted when it is revealed that they have been fed a stranger’s placenta. I repeat… a stranger’s placenta. Behind the scenes, Kourtney reveals that they didn’t actually serve the family placenta, but grabbed some sort of gross animal meat at the local butcher. THANK GOD. However, she never actually tells the victims the truth about the meal, so hopefully this episode serves as some sort of closure for them.

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Rob Kardashian (Photo: E!)

Robert’s Noisy Chainsaw Massacre
Rob and Scott decide to take a chainsaw class, and quickly discover that Rob is pretty talented in the field of wood carving. While Khloe is happy for Rob’s new found talent, she isn’t happy about the amount of noise the chainsaw makes outside of her bedroom window. “What am I going to do?,” Khloe says. “It’s the first thing he’s actually immersed himself in.”

Kourtney decides help out and let Rob come stay with her so he can explore his new talent… far away from Khloe’s bedroom window. Unfortunately, Rob quickly gets on Scott’s nerves. Despite his brother-in-law’s complaints, Rob soldiers on and completes his first chainsaw art project, which appears to be a hybrid bear/pig that he names Cornelius. Kourtney is proud of her brother for keeping up with the hobby, and decides displays the piece in the front hall of her home.

One person who isn’t a fan of Cornelius’ new location? Lord Disick, who tosses the bear into the trash as soon as he discovers it. He nearly gets away with it, but Kourtney eventually realizes the bear is missing. “That silly wood sculpture bear thing? It was so disgusting and ruined the whole vibe,” Scott explained. “So I took it and I threw it over the fence and I guess it landed in one of those garbage bins and the gardeners came and took it away.” Surrrrre.

Khloe, Kourtney and Scott attempt to make their very own Cornelius so Rob doesn’t discover what happened. Predictably, they fail and end up ordering one online that looks absolutely nothing like Rob’s. They attempt to pass the new statue off as a “stained” version of the original, but Rob isn’t buying it. He isn’t upset that Cornelius is gone, but is more upset that the girls tried to baby him so he wouldn’t get angry. As a result of the incident, Rob decides it is time to move out of Khloe and Lamar Odom’s house for good.

Bruce Jenner (Photo: E!)

Bruce Jenner’s Fallon Problem
Bruce reveals that Jimmy Fallon wants him to appear as a guest on “Late Night.” An exciting prospect for many, but Bruce’s underlying hate for Fallon emerges. Apparently, the comedian regularly makes fun of Brusier’s face, namely his past plastic surgery operations. “Jimmy Fallon has been beating on me for years,” Bruce explains. “After a while it’s not funny anymore. Why should I get in his playing field on his show?”

Bruce decides to consult Kim about issue because she is used to public ridicule. “Fallon wasn’t the first person to make fun of you and he’s not going to be the last,” Kim says. “If you don’t go on the show its going to make you look like you can’t even face him. You have to have a good sense of humor.”

Like a true Kardashian, Bruce can’t say no to free publicity and eventually agrees to go on the show. “I can take this guy on and hold my own, don’t worry,” Bruce explains to Kris. “It will be fun.” Kris isn’t so sure and is afraid that Bruce will fly off the handle and embarrass the family. But old Jenner comes prepared and hires a professional comedian to help prepare him with some jokes for the appearance.

The big night is here. Bruce heads to Jimmy’s couch for the show… and absolutely kills it. Everyone is supportive, except for his wife (of course). “I’m a little mortified by this,” Kris says. She’s the only one, because the rest of the clan finds the appearance absolutely hilarious and are proud of Bruiser.


Next week: Scott reenacts a sex tape between Bruce and Kris, Khloe visits a therapist to discuss her father’s participation in the OJ Simpson trial.

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