Olivia Munn Crashes Hard, Dislocates Shoulder in Swingset Accident: Watch

Olivia Munn on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (Photo: CBS)

By Tony Maglio

The Newsroom” star Olivia Munn is still feeling the effects of a dangerous indoor swingset accident, she told David Letterman.

Munn brought video footage of her recent injury to share with the “Late Show” audience Tuesday. They cringed in unison as Letterman played the video once, then played it a second time in slow motion.

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The actress was in Prague recently, where her apartment had a swing inside.

While her engineer brother pushed her on the swing, he internally calculated how quickly the structure would give way, Munn said. Immediately the ropes snapped and Munn crashed to the floor. Hard.

Perhaps her engineer brother is not the greatest engineer. Or brother.

Munn dislocated her shoulder, got whiplash and badly bruised her entire right side.

“I shouldn’t be allowed in public, most times,” she concluded.

Watch the video:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Late-Show-With-David-Letterman/5905029104002392112/45478467677/David-Letterman—Olivia-Munn-Falls-Off-a-Swing/embed 580 476]


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