On ‘Leno,’ McCain Criticizes Obama on Syria Strategy: Watch

Sen. John McCain on "The Tonight Show" Friday night (Photo: NBC)

Tough-talking Sen. John McCain accused President Obama of contemplating half-measures in formulating U.S. strategy for military action in Syria.

McCain (R-Ariz.) went on “The Tonight Show” Friday to talk about the simmering tensions in the Middle East and to address the plans being made by the president, who McCain ran against — and lost to — in 2008.

Not surprisingly, McCain criticized the president and then outlined his own plan — if he were the Commander-in-Chief.

“So what does the president want to do?” McCain asked rhetorically, under questioning by Jay Leno. “The president apparently wants to have a kind of cosmetic strike, launch a few missiles, and then say ‘Well, we’ve responded’,” McCain said.

“This is the same president that two years ago said Bashar al-Assad had to go,” McCain said. “He’s also the president who said there would be a red line if they use chemical weapons. Maybe that red line was written in disappearing ink! I don’t know, but we have to be as good as our word.”

Watch John McCain talk about the Syria crisis on Friday’s “Tonight Show”:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Tonight-Show-With-Jay-Leno/8687230020288550112/46042179799/John-McCain-On-Obama-s-Syria-Plan/embed 580 476]

Then, curiously, McCain admitted, “There are no good options.”

“What would you do?” Leno asked him. “You’re president right now: What would you do?”

“I’d crater the runways,” McCain said, proposing a strategic airstrike aimed at disabling Syria’s air capabilities. “Disable the six airfields that Bashar Assad uses. I’d prevent him from using his air power. I would get the weapons to the people who are fighting and dying as we speak, and I would probably get a safe zone that they could operate out of.”

McCain is apparently so confident that his plan would work that he insisted “you could do that in one day” and, he added, “you would not put a single American in any danger.”

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