Watch: Anchor Falls Asleep on Live TV

by | September 2, 2013 at 10:04 PM | Celebrities, Fox News

Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

Poor Tucker Carlson.

The co-host of Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” had a late night filling in for Sean Hannity during the evening and had a quick turnaround the next day for his morning gig.

Unfortunately, the effort proved taxing and Carlson was caught sleeping on the job while his co-hosts had a laugh at his expense.

After Carlson was awakened, Clayton Morris quipped “Good to see you! Welcome to Fox & Friends,” while Alisyn Camerota handed Starbucks coffee to the sleepy anchor.

Meanwhile, the blooper did not go unnoticed by former colleague Willie Geist, who was clearly amused while hosting “Today.” Here’s the clip…