On ‘Leno,’ Bill Maher Launches New Attack on Trump: Watch

Bill Maher took aim at Donald Trump Tuesday night on "The Tonight Show" (Photo: NBC)

Comedian Bill Maher renewed his name-calling campaign against Donald Trump — labeling the New York real estate tycoon an “egomaniac,” “moron” and “insufferable racist.”

Maher, the outspoken host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, made his new anti-Trump remarks Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where Maher sparked a feud with Trump last January.

Hilariously, Maher first feigned reluctance to launch into the subject of Donald Trump when Jay Leno first asked him to comment on the fraud lawsuit brought by the New York State attorney general last month against Trump’s self-styled “Trump University.”

“I don’t really want to continue this feud with Donald Trump,” Maher said, although a viewer could tell he was about to continue it anyway. “I don’t even think Donald Trump is a real person,” Maher said. “He’s a pop reference from the ’80s. It’s like having a feud with J.R. Ewing!”

That joke happened to be recycled from an appearance Maher made on Conan O’Brien’s TBS late-night show last February, when the feud with Trump was in full swing.

Watch Bill Maher talk about Donald Trump on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Tonight-Show-With-Jay-Leno/8687230020288550112/46605379880/Bill-Maher-On-Trump-s-Lawsuit/embed 580 476]

The feud started on “The Tonight Show” last winter when Maher, aided and abetted by “Tonight Show” producers, compared Trump’s hair to the fur of an orangutan (as side-by-side pictures of both were shown). But in that same appearance, Maher called a “liar,” “racist” and a “douche bag.” The racism accusation stemmed from Trump’s insistence during the 2012 presidential campaign that President Obama didn’t tell the truth about his birth origins. The “liar” salvo had something to do with Trump stating somewhere that Maher was mad at him because Trump declined an invitation to appear on “Real Time.”

Maher also belittled Trump for an offer Trump made to the President — that Trump would award $5 million to the charity of the president’s choice if the president would release his college transcripts. Trump sued Maher over the remarks, accusing Maher of libeling him because Maher questioned the sincerity of the $5 million offer. Trump dropped the suit in April.

All of those subjects came up again on the “Leno” show Tuesday night.

“Donald Trump [is] such an egomaniac,” Maher told Leno. “He thinks we had this feud because I was mad at him because he wouldn’t do my show. Like I could give a damn if this moron ever does my show!”

Then Maher explained his view of the feud. “We had a feud because he became a presidential candidate and [became] this insufferable racist. That’s why we had a feud, because he was a one-issue candidate all about the birth certificate. And then when that ended he went to, ‘Well, I’ll give Obama $5 million if he will produce his college records,’ you know, ’cause a black guy getting into college, Jay, something fishy there!”

Maher then poked fun at Trump’s hair. “So he needed to see some paperwork on that. Well, I need to see some paperwork on that ferret on his head!” Maher said.

Last winter, Trump responded to Maher’s name-calling with various retaliatory tweets. A peek at Trump’s Twitter account on Wednesday morning revealed that the NBC “Apprentice” star had not yet commented on these new salvos from Maher.

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