Drag Disguise is ‘Tootsie’ of a Role for Dr. Oz

by | September 6, 2013 at 4:55 PM | The Dr. Oz Show, TV News

That's Dr. Oz (left) in a drag disguise as he went undercover in a women's shoe store in New York (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)

Dr. Oz went all out in his quest to convince women to choose sensible shoes over hurtful high heels.

The dedicated doc donned a drag disguise so he could talk “woman-to-woman” to female shoe shoppers about shoes and foot health.

The host of TV’s “Dr. Oz Show” went “undercover” in a wig, a red blazer, a skirt, black tights and, of course, high heels to masquerade as a shoe saleswoman in a New York City shoe store, according to this story reported by Eonline.

The drag doc played his “Tootsie” role for a “Dr. Oz” show that will reportedly be seen around the country on Tuesday (check local listings).

Our question is: Did these “unsuspecting” shoppers really think this “woman” was female? And, did any of them recognize “her” as Dr. Oz?

One not-so-subtle “hint” that could have tipped them off: The presence of a camera crew (although it’s also possible the drag doc’s interactions were filmed on hidden camera).