Simon Cowell Admits Baby News Was a ‘Shocker’: Watch

Simon Cowell on "The Tonight Show" Friday night (Photo: NBC)

Simon Cowell played the role of an excited, expectant dad when he talked about his impending fatherhood on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Friday night.

It was Cowell’s first TV interview since the news broke in late July that he was expecting a baby with long-time friend Lauren Silverman, the then-estranged (and now divorced) wife of a New York real estate developer who was also said to be a friend of Cowell’s.

Cowell came on “The Tonight Show” to promote the season premiere of “The X Factor” next Wednesday (Sept. 11) on Fox, but Jay Leno naturally asked him about the baby news.

And Cowell, who has had about a month to figure out how to deal with the inevitable questions about the affair and subsequent child that is resulting from it, has apparently settled on a light-hearted approach.

“I’ve known you — what? Twelve, 15 years?” Leno asked him. “You’ve been doing this show for years [and] I never thought I’d say this: Congratulations! You’re going to be a dad! That’s amazing!”

Watch this part of Jay Leno’s interview with Simon Cowell from Friday’s “Tonight Show”:
[iframe 580 476]

“Am I?” Cowell said. “Yeah, that was a bit of a shocker. When you first get the call, it’s kind of like, OK, put the phone down, gulp. Um, and then, you know, I got used to the idea. Circumstances were a bit awkward, but, um [laughter] … But everything’s fine now and I’m happy and she’s adorable,” he said, referring to the baby’s mother.

Then Jay attempted to delve into the origins of Cowell’s relationship with Silverman, but Cowell became so flustered that he actually blushed. Simon then told Leno how he broke the news to his mother that he was going to finally be a dad.

Jay tried to get Simon to divulge the baby’s gender, but Cowell avoided answering that question. “I do know what it is, and I’m very, very happy,” he said.

Under questioning from Jay, Simon also commented on his friend Ryan Seacrest getting booed at the Denver Broncos game on NBC Thursday night.

Here’s what Simon had to say about that:
[iframe 580 476]
Bonus video: Jay’s other guest, Adam Carolla, comments on Cowell’s fatherhood:
[iframe 580 476]
Now watch the entire Friday night “Tonight Show” right here:
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