Fall TV Preview: 5 Things to Know About ‘Million Second Quiz’

Ryan Seacrest Hosts "The Million Second Quiz" (Photo: NBC)

You might have the smarts for NBC’s newest game show, “Million Second Quiz,” but do you have the endurance? The network is opening its 2013 TV season with a very new strategy: a live game show premiering on Monday, Sept. 9 at 8/7c, and running in the same time slot all but one night until its finale on Sept. 19.

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Contestants will compete in bouts of trivia challenges lasting ten questions each in an attempt to retain control of the money chair. It sounds slightly complicated, and since the show is actually live — and unlike most other current reality series it’s not based on a concept already executed abroad — there aren’t any sneak peeks to make the concept a little easier to understand.

In lieu of footage, here are five things you need to know about the quiz ahead of its premiere:

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1. You’ll recognize the host. If a radio show, a singing competition, reality TV production, and approximately 800 other entertainment industry jobs weren’t enough, Ryan Seacrest has ANOTHER gig. The master of live TV will emcee the 12-day-long competition.

“It was something that really stood out to me as big and different and ambitious, something I had not truly done to this level before,” Seacrest told the AP. “I’ve hosted game shows in the past, but none to this caliber. I love the live event aspect of it.”

2. Claustrophobics need not apply. The entire competition takes place in a three-story hourglass-shaped structure in midtown Manhattan, where contestants will spend one million seconds being quizzed on all types of trivia (hmm, wonder where they got the title). They’ll challenge each other for the money chair, where they’ll accumulate $10 for every second they spend seated before another contestant ousts them. The five contestants with the longest runs in the money chair will compete for the grand prize.

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3. You can play along. Once you download the Million Second Quiz app you’ll get a taste of the type of questions in store for the series. And once the competition starts you can play along in sync with the game for a chance to compete on the next night’s primetime show.

4. It’s truly a live television event. The show premieres on Monday, Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. ET and runs every consecutive night in the same time slot (minus a break on Sept. 15) until the two-hour finale on Thursday, Sept. 19. And if that’s not enough quizzing for you, you’ll be able to livestream the competition outside of broadcast hours (a la “Big Brother” live feeds) at NBC.com.

5. It’s a numbers game. Players will be on call for a million seconds, which equates to 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds. In those million seconds there will be approximately 25,000 quiz questions, 800 to 1000 participants, two TV sets (one on the street and one indoors in case of rain), and three trucks providing 600,000 watts of generator power, according to the AP.

“Million Second Quiz” premieres Monday, Sept. 9 at 8/7c on NBC.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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