‘Survivor’ Richard Hatch May Have Fathered as Many as 200 Kids

'Survivor's Richard Hatch (AP Photo)

The king of “Survivor” won’t have to worry about any heirs.

Richard Hatch, who was the first winner of the long-running CBS reality series way back in 2000, is now making headlines for something he did before he won the prize. Hatch tells “Inside Edition” that decades ago, when he was in college, he was a sperm donor and may have fathered as many as 200 children.

“I did it for two years, about two or three times a week,” he said, noting that he was paid about $30 a donation.

Now, at least two of his descendant have tracked down their biological father. Emily Kidd and Devin O’Neill, who are both 24 years old, discovered Hatch through information from their mothers on a website called The Donor Sibling Registry.

“They have all the lists of people that are looking and people that donated, and one of them was 6’4″, Swedish. I figured that is as close as I am going to get,” said O’Neill. “So, I clicked the email link, emailed him, and said, ‘This may be weird, but you might be my biological donor. Hi!'”

In fact, Kidd lived just down the street from Hatch in Rhode Island while she was attending college.

Although he was apparently surprised by the contact, Hatch seems to be happy to meet the proverbial fruit of his loins.

“It’s an exciting time,” said Hatch. “It’s a great time.”

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