Newsies Admit They Were Duped by Kimmel Twerk Video: Watch

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TV news personalities from coast-to-coast were forced to admit on Tuesday that they were duped by the viral YouTube video of a young woman who set herself on fire while twerking upside-down.

Jimmy Kimmel collected the mea culpas and strung them together for a video he showed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday night (watch the clip, above).

The video looked authentically homemade, like a million other YouTube videos of people injuring themselves while dancing, skateboarding or engaging in a hundred other activities. But it was produced by Kimmel and his team at “JKL,” and they’ve been gloating about it ever since.

The video was so arresting that it got picked up and shown on dozens (if not hundreds) of newscasts and talk shows on Monday, both locally and nationally. On his show on Monday, Kimmel announced the video was a hoax — a “JKL” production using a professional stuntwoman.

So on Tuesday, the nation’s news media had to own up to it. In addition to the reactions from national shows such as “Good Morning America” and “The View,” news anchors from broadcast markets across the country also had to own up to being duped.

Of course, as Kimmel pointed out on Tuesday’s “JKL,” their admissions that they’d been tricked didn’t stop them from showing the video yet again — so it got another consecutive day of national exposure.

The clips of the various comments from news anchors and talk show hosts are just priceless. Watch, above.

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