Termites, Stuffed Jackalope Bedevil ‘Duck Dynasty’ Denizens: Watch

Outdoorsman John Godwin pondered the significance of his newly acquired stuffed jackalope as Uncle Si and Jep Robertson enjoyed some frozen treats on Wednesday's episode of "Duck Dynasty" (Photos: A&E)

The brothers of “Duck Dynasty” grappled with a termite infestation, a stuffed mythical animal, and an audience of women over 60 on Wednesday’s episode of the high-rated A&E reality series.

How’d they deal with them? With their usual brand of easy-going optimism and leisurely work habits.

It was the fifth episode of the series’ fourth season, which began Aug. 14 and then quickly established this unlikely hit as one of the most popular shows in all of television.

The retrieval of a stray ball during a game of pickup basketball in the duck-call warehouse revealed that termites had taken up residence in the building and were feasting on the company’s wooden shipping pallets.

So the whole facility was tented and closed for a day-long fumigation, which gave staff members an opportunity to goof off even more than usual as “manufacturing” was moved for the afternoon to the home of employee John Godwin. There, the episode’s “storyline” revealed itself — slowly and improbably — as the easily distracted Uncle Si took it upon himself to open a box Godwin had recently received by parcel post but had been too disinterested to open himself.

Click on the pic to watch Wednesday’s episode of “Duck Dynasty”:

Making a speech to a group of older ladies proved to be a challenge for Willie Robertson on Wednesday's episode of "Duck Dynasty" (Photo: A&E)

Inside, Si found a stuffed jackalope — a mythical creature best described as a rabbit with antelope horns. The unusual animal was a bequest to Godwin from an uncle who had recently died, though the man’s death came as news to his nephew.

And so, rather than continue assembling and packaging duck calls, the group decided to take the stuffed jackalope to a local taxidermist to inquire about its value.

Meanwhile, brother Willie Robertson — CEO of the family duck-call empire — was commissioned to speak to a local club at the behest of his mother, Miss Kay. Unfortunately, this group of senior ladies dubbed “The Golden 60s Club” boasted such a sparse membership that Willie felt like he’d been had.

What happened next? Watch the episode — above — and find out.

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