David Tutera and Ex Separate Their Twins in Custody Battle

David Tutera (Getty Images Entertainment)

David Tutera’s family is sadly splitting up in more ways than one.

The host of “My Fair Wedding” stopped by “The View” on Friday and got candid about his public separation from longtime partner Ryan Jurica. It turns out that the couple were unable to come to a temrporary custody agreement for their care of their twins (daughter Cielo and son Cedric) and have decided to split the siblings up, where they will now be divided by thousands of miles.

“We transferred two embryos into the surrogate: One was biologically mine- my daughter Cielo- one was biologically his, his son,” he said. “When we were going through the process of divorce, we decided to make sure that I had custody of my daughter, and he had custody of his son.”

Tutera’s ugly breakup battle with his ex made headlines with accusations such as sex addiction being thrown around in the press.

“We are not at a resolution right now,” he said on the show. “But I will never say anything negative or foul or inappropriate about my ex-partner. My integrity of who I am and what I’ve done for all these years is super important to who I am.”

With the twins each now on different coasts, Tutera noted that he hoped they would find a way for the two children to be together.

“That can’t happen until the environment is calm and peaceful,” he told the co-hosts. “I have no right to not have them know each other, but I can protect my daughter about when that time is the right time.”

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