Deep Soap: ‘Days’ Role Recast, ‘General Hospital’ Hits Ratings High

Guy Wilson (Photo: Courtesy of Guy Wilson)

New Will on “Days of Our Lives”

The actor playing the new Will Horton on “Days of Our Lives” is seemingly born to play the role. During a podcast, Jen Lilley, who plays Teresa, revealed that Guy Wilson has taken over the role from Emmy-winner Chandler Massey, who has chosen to leave the show. Wilson has an extensive list of credits. Most recently he played Trent, the hilariously enthusiastic server who tried to persuade Walt and Hank to order guacamole during a very tense dinner on the August 30 episode of “Breaking Bad.” He has also appeared on “Major Crimes,” “Castle” and “Bones” and even played a teenage Luke during a fantasy sequence on a 2006 episode of “General Hospital.” But it’s not just his experience that should give fans reason to be optimistic about the recast. His last name, Wilson, is Will & Sonny’s online “couple name.” If the show ever decides to recast Bo, maybe it should find an actor whose last name is Bope.

Apparently, Lilley went rogue when she made the announcement. DOOL has yet to confirm the casting.

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“General Hospital” Hits Two-Year Ratings High

Last week’s “General Hospital,” which focused on the drama surrounding Maxie (Kristen Storms) and Britt’s (Kelly Thiebaud) babies and Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) murder, struck a chord with viewers. The show hit a two-year high among Women 18-49 (1.1 rating, 734,000 viewer) and Women 25-54 (967,000/1.6 rating). The Thursday September 4 was the series’ most-watched telecast in nearly over two years in Women 18-49 (845,000) and Women 25-54 (1.06 million) and in nearly eight months in Women 18-34 (342,000), since August 15, 2011, and January 18, 2013. The truncated Labor Day schedule, which meant soaps aired Monday and the CBS soaps also took Friday off, helped all soaps. “GH’s” stellar numbers only put it in third place among Women 18-49, behind “The Young & the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” though ABC also notes that season-to-date, “GH” is the No. one network daytime program in Women 18-34. That statistic bodes well for the show’s future.

This week’s episodes, in which Sabrina (Tersa Castillo) delivered Britt’s baby and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) brought a tumor in a jar to court to get Franco (Roger Howarth) acquitted, have been just as much fun. Thiebaud revealed herself to be quite the comedienne as she portrayed a Britt who was both hilariously bitchy and vulnerable, as she worried Sabrina had no idea how to deliver a baby and realized that she was about to face motherhood alone. When she said, “I’ve seen Nik Wallenda walk a tightrope. I’m not going to cross the Grand Canyon,” I laughed out loud. For the first time, Sabrina had an actual personality. When Nic came home to find Britt on the floor and asked what they were doing, she snarked, “baking a cake.” Then she joked to Britt that she was going to use what appeared to be oversized garden shears to deliver the baby. If Sabrina continues to have a sense of humor, I might grow to tolerate her.

The Unexpected Billionaire

The Young & the Restless” used Katherine’s death to  pull off a doozy of a plot twist. The surprise major winner of her inheritance was her long lost grandson Devon, who is now two billion dollars richer. That’s billion, with a “B.” During the reading of her will, Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) wealth was quantified. It turns out she could give Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money. The two billion dollars was only a quarter of her estate!

Of course, Jill (Jess Walton) was hoping she would get it all. Instead, she got the estate and a mysterious box, and Esther (Kate Linder), whose years as Katherine’s housekeeper were rewarded with a $20,000 stipend for life with the cruel stipulation that she needed to continue working as the estate’s maid to keep it. (Esther was happy, but who, in real life, would want to stay in a menial job if they struck it rich?) It was a stunned Devon (Bryton James) who hit the jackpot.

I think this was the best possible redistribution of Katherine’s wealth. All of the other potential beneficiaries were already wealthy. For former foster child Devon, who though he has a cushy corporate job is far from a one percenter, it’s life-changing. It also finally gives Devon a true soapy storyline. Since he joined the show, he’s been an emotionally damaged foster child, lost his hearing, got it back, and been a supportive sounding board to his adoptive family. That’s it. He’s never had a romantic storyline, unless his entirely off-camera relationship with Roxanne, and his one night stand with his father’s girlfriend, count. It is confounding that an actor who has won multiple Daytime Emmys was so poorly utilized. But it was almost understandable because the character has been nothing but a victim.

Instantly, he became a power player. His net worth is probably second only to Victor Newman’s, but he’s forty years younger, single and attractive. Every gold digger in a 500-mile radius should be after him, including schemer Hilary. There’s also the interesting situation of someone who always assumed he’d have to work for the rest of his life suddenly acquiring so much money that he doesn’t ever have to get out of bed again if he doesn’t feel like it. Someone can burn through millions, but a billion dollars is almost inconceivable amount of wealth. I hope Devon will spend the next few months acting like Genoa City’s answer to the Great Gatsby, buying Ferraris, throwing wild parties, dating supermodels and becoming a bit of a jerk. If he decides to start a charitable foundation and not let the money change him, I will be so disappointed. Kudos to “Y&R” for pulling off a truly unexpected twist and transforming a character without making him act out of character.

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