Who’d Kathy Griffin Sleep With in the ’90s? Watch And Find Out

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Suddenly, “The Talk” is the place to go for female celebrities to reveal their secrets.

The latest revelation came from guest Kathy Griffin on Wednesday’s show, which last week had its five co-hosts each revealing a secret she had never previously made public.

Griffin’s own revelation came after she mentioned the secret Sharon Osbourne revealed last week — that she had a one-time fling with Jay Leno in the 1970s, before neither she nor Leno were married.

“You revealing that you slept with Jay Leno has been delicious!” Griffin said to Osbourne, who was sitting beside Griffin at the “Talk” table. “You know, I have an embarrassing [one] so I said, ‘If I’m going to tease [Osbourne] about Leno, I have one that I’m not particularly proud of,” she said. “I’m not ashamed, but I’m not proud.”

She then showed a photo that appeared to be from at least a decade or two ago of she and playful actor/musician Jack Black sitting closely and affectionately together on a couch.

Then Griffin said, “I remember introducing him to my mom and my mom was like, ‘He looks like a serial killer’!”

If we may insert our take here: Fact is, the photo of Black and Griffin seemed very sweet to us. And another fact is: Black’s a very charismatic and extremely talented fellow. We’re not sure why Griffin felt it was OK to lambast the way he looks. Plus, why is she saying she’s not “proud” to have had a relationship with Jack Black? Sure, “insult comedy” is Griffin’s thing, but still …

Now, just to review: Besides Osbourne’s revelation that she had a fling with Leno, co-host Julie Chen revealed that she had eye-correcting plastic surgery early in her career so she would look “less Chinese” and thereby advance her television career; and Sara Gilbert revealed that she first realized she was a lesbian while making out with a then-boyfriend — her co-star on “Roseanne,” Johnny Galecki, who now stars on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Watch the clip, above.

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