Lisa Edelstein Teases Her Top-Secret Arc on ‘Castle’

Lisa Edelstein, left, and Stana Katic on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

Castle” fans have been waiting all summer to find out whether Beckett (Stana Katic) accepts Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) marriage proposal or whether she will move to Washington D.C. to take a job in the Attorney general’s office. Lisa Edelstein, who guest stars as Federal Agent Rachel McCord in the first three episodes of Season 6, knows the answers to these burning questions, but she cannot share them. That information is strictly classified until the premiere on Monday, September 23. But Edelstein was allowed to divulge some information about McCord’s relationship with Beckett, why her character has issues with Castle and the surprising reason why the former “House” star signed on to the show.

So much about this premiere is shrouded in secrecy. So can you talk a little bit about your character, Rachel McCord?

All I can really say is that McCord is a wonderful new mentor for Beckett and sort of challenges Beckett to reach for new heights in her own career. They do genuinely really like each other and admire each other. McCord would not serve as a mentor to Beckett if she didn’t think Beckett was worth mentoring.

McCord and Castle eventually cross paths. How does she feel about him?

I don’t think she has a problem with Castle as a person. I think she has a problem with how much Castle tries to infiltrate into Beckett’s job because McCord is professional. That doesn’t really sit well.

Over the course of your guest arc, will McCord cross paths with more of the regulars on “Castle”?

McCord meets everyone except [Castle’s] family.

What does she think of Ryan and Esposito?

I think she has a hard time taking them seriously. They’re so funny, those guys.

Was it a challenge playing a by-the-book character on a show where, other than Beckett to a certain extent, everyone else is pretty much the opposite of that?

Yes. It’s challenging because you still have to do your best to make sure that it’s a complete human being and not just a cookie cutter, by-the-book straight man. That’s an acting challenge that hopefully I managed to survive.

Is something that McCord says or does going to inform the decisions that Beckett makes about her career?

Yes. For sure.

What was it like working with Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion?

It was a great experience, I have to say. What a wonderful set. These people are really taking this moment in their lives of being on a successful, long-running show and enjoying it to the fullest and I love seeing that. That is really great. It’s a really rare occurrence and it’s so special. So walking onto their set was fantastic. I was lucky, too, because my arc begins at the beginning of the season so everyone had just come back. Everyone was just beginning, So it wasn’t like I had to jump onto a moving train. I began the year with everyone so that made it even more fun. I really felt like a part [of the team] and they were a big part of making me feel that way.

Catch-up on the Season 5 Finale of “Castle” Before the New Season Begins:

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Did you and Stana do anything to bond since your characters become close?

Stana and I are so similar in the way we communicate that we had no problem bonding from almost the moment we met. We were non-stop chit chatting. It was hilarious. It was great. So on that level it was so easy to look like two women who had known each other for a bit of time.

Is there a chance we could see your character again after the episodes that have already been announced?

[Showrunner] Andrew Marlowe left it open-ended and it really depended on availability but it’s hard to say.

Did you get to talk about the character with the producers and the writers and collaborate?

To some extent. They already had it written so really my most important goal was to make her as complete a human being as possible and to really make her world a very real world that felt different from the normal world of Castle.

You’ve been on so many great shows. What was it about Castle that appealed to you?

It was partially timing and partially that my mother is a huge fan. Sometimes, you just have to make your mother happy.

Will Castle be inspired to create a series of books about McCord?

Who knows?

The new season of “Castle” returns Monday, Sept. 23 at 10/9c on ABC.

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