Piers Morgan Once Again Slams Jon Stewart

by | September 23, 2013 at 9:02 PM | Celebrities, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

CNN's Piers Morgan (Photo: Getty Images)

It would seem that CNN’s Piers Morgan just isn’t going to let a resentment go.

Morgan took another shot at “The Daily Show’sJon Stewart last night when Stewart’s winning streak at the Emmys was snapped by Stephen Colbert.

He posted on Twitter, writing “CNN BREAKING NEWS > It’s over for Jon Stewart…. @StephenAtHome wins again.”


Morgan has carried a grudge for a while against Stewart, who has regularly mocked/called out CNN’s coverage of various events, even recently posting “If I were Jon Stewart, I’d stop obsessing with CNN and start worrying about the younger, funnier @iamjohnoliver getting his job….”