‘Castle’ Season Premiere: The Proposal, the Job and So Much More

From Left: Jocko Sims, Lisa Edelstein and Stana Katic on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

Does Beckett (Stana Katic) accept Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) proposal? Does she take the job in Washington D.C.? These are the questions that have plagued “Castle” fans all summer, thanks to a season finale that ended with Castle asking Beckett to marry him. It would have been easy for “Castle” to toy with its fans by, say, starting the Season 6 premiere with a jump forward in time leaving viewers to wonder what happened, or by having a crisis interrupt Castle’s romantic moment. Instead, “Castle” continues teaching its seminar on how not to ruin a ship.

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The Proposal

The premiere, “Valkyrie“, starts right where the finale ended, with Beckett freaking out over Castle’s proposal. She thought he was breaking up with her. She kisses him, then starts stammering the words yes and no. Castle starts to think she’s about to reject him, but she explains that she got the job and wants to take it. He assures her that he is proposing out of love, not to keep her in town. He says that if her move makes things difficult, he’s willing to figure out a solution as long as she will do the same. She says yes, using Castle’s very long full name. He puts a large but tasteful ring on her finger. Hooray for acting like grown ups and talking through your issues!

Beckett Gets Shot… Again… Sort Of

Now the episode jumps ahead two months in time. In Washington, Beckett is pulling a gun on a perp who has a gun to a woman’s head. She drops her gun. The woman shoots the guy, then Beckett. Beckett falls to the ground, blood splattering on her white shirt. It’s a moment that recalls the last time she got shot. Fortunately, it’s a fake out. It’s a test exercise that she failed. Her new partner McCord (Lisa Edelstein) chastises her for her mistake before she gets pulled into a real high-stakes federal case.

Castle Has Trouble with the New Relationship World Order

Meanwhile, Castle has been on a West Coast book tour. Alexis (Molly Quinn) has come home from Costa Rica a week early. Her grungy Franco-esque new boyfriend Pi is also crashing at Chez Castle. Beckett phones Castle to give him the bad news that she can’t come to New York for the weekend. He’s disappointed because they haven’t seen each other in six weeks, though he acknowledges that the last time they were supposed to get together he was the one who canceled. If only there weren’t a Federal Law banning novelists from working in D.C. Seriously, why wouldn’t Castle just move with Beckett and periodically return to his fabulous New York townhouse to visit Alexis and Martha and meet with his publisher? It’s just a train ride away and our nation’s capitol is hardly a cultural backwater.

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Alone in her apartment, Beckett sees an intruder. She pulls her gun on him. Fortunately, it’s Castle, who decided to come to her. She’s momentarily annoyed, then jumps his bones. Castle, of course, wants to know all about her case. But he can no longer help out because it’s classified. Beckett accidentally leaves behind an evidence photo when she goes to work. It is irresistible catnip to Castle. He phones Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas). Espo is bummed he missed Halo night. Heee! Castle asks about how to solve a case involving a photo of an electrical transformer with a serial number, claiming it is for a book. They realize that he is trying to work one of Beckett’s cases.

The case involves a blackout that was used to steal a module that links to a military satellite network. Beckett figures out that the bad guys could have used drainage tunnels at a nearby golf course. When she and McCord question a guard, he tells them that Castle got their first. McCord warns that Castle’s actions could get her fired and him arrested. Castle offers Beckett his theories about the case. She is ticked but softens as she listens to his info. Someone snaps a photo of Castle. While it’s understandable that Castle misses working with Beckett, he’s inadvertently being disrespectful of her new position and making her look bad.

McCord and Beckett identify the person they are looking for as a recently retired soldier, Bronson. His apartment is empty but he left behind C4.

While Castle is buying dinner for Beckett, Bronson pulls a gun on him and forces him into his car. He asks Castle what he knows about Valkyrie, then starts slurring his speech, mentioning Dreamworld. He drops dead. The car crashes. McCord orders Castle arrested for interfering in a case.

Watch the Season 6 Premiere of “Castle” Below:

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Castle Behind Bars

Castle tries to explain to an interrogator that he was abducted. The Fed thinks Castle is involved. Yes, because that’s what a best-selling writer would do. Castle explains the guy started asking him about Valkyrie. The guy thinks Castle might have killed Bronson. The interrogator assures Beckett that he has ATM footage of Castle being abducted. They were just trying to scare him into staying away from the investigation. They use the name Valkyrie to figure out Bronson’s accomplice, a former senator’s aide.

At her boss’s request, Beckett tells Castle that they can’t work together any more. She says it will be a positive. He says he’ll be on the first flight out. On one hand it’s sad; on the other, Castle couldn’t possibly think that he could treat a federal investigation like one of the fun cases he and Beckett used to work.

Castle and Beckett Crack the Case — Separately

Castle returns home to find Pi cooking Papaya steaks. He only eats fruits. He admits he lost his passport but lives in Amsterdam. Pi offers to talk with him about his relationship stress. Castle realizes that Ryan and Esposito can actually help. He swears them to secrecy and tells them about his abduction. Esposito tells him that Dreamworld is a classified “ghost base” in the Gulf.

In DC, Beckett and McCord find Bronson’s accomplice in a train station taking the gizmo out of a locker. She tells them that someone lured Bronson to the golf course and that she should go to his locker and get money. She doesn’t even know that Jack Bronson is dead. Beckett thinks the woman could be telling the truth. Maybe Bronson was framed. Maybe it was a diversion and the bad guys weren’t really after the encryption system. The eighth floor of the building where it was found is classified.

Is it Curtains for Castle?

Two federal agents show up at Castle’s door. He is again taken to an interrogation room in Washington. When Beckett arrives, he tells her that they took his blood. Beckett tells him that a chemical agent was stolen from the classified lab. That toxin killed Bronson. Unfortunately, it was aerosolized and Castle was exposed. He has less than a day to live! Yes, this is a two-part episode. Tune in next week to find out if there’s an antidote!

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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