‘DWTS’: Bill Nye the Science Guy on His Classical Music Routine: ‘It Was Drama Start to Finish’

Bill Nye the Science Guy and Tyne Stecklein (Photo: ABC)

Bill Nye the Science Guy is getting the lowest scores from “Dancing with the Stars” judges.

But his “Weird Science” routine last week lit YouTube on fire. And his wacky Beethoven-inspired Paso Doble on Monday night with partner Tyne Stecklein is sure to be another Internet hit.

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Nye donned a grey wig to look like the famous composer and danced to his 5th symphony. Although he only received a score of 17, he and Tyne survived elimination and are moving on in the competition.

The Science Guy told xfinityTV about the wig, “We did it in rehearsal and we were like, ‘Should we use it?’ But everybody thought it was great so we stuck with it.”

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He hastened to add, though, “We also had some Paso Doble in there, people! We had recognizable steps from the actual book, from the rules.”

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Although a crowd of Mensa members cheered Nye on from the audience, surprisingly, the brainy TV star said he wasn’t a member. “My mom was in Mensa. I never attempted to Mensa-fy,” he said. “[But] I was brought up with academic tradition.”

Tyne told reporters, “It was my choice to use a classical song. I thought it would be something new and exciting.”

Nye enthused about their routine, “It was drama start to finish. I love that.”

When asked about the level of social-media support from his fans, he said, “I wasn’t shocked but I was surprised. I have a big following on social media. People watch the show and if you’re of a certain age, that’s your thing.”

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Nye said he Tweets twice a day to encourage fans to vote for him on “DWTS.” “You don’t want to do it four or five times. People get fatigued. Once in the morning and once in the evening [is good] on a vote day. There’s a formula—sort of,” he smiled.

Fans have not only praised him on the Internet—but also on the street. “No one says, ‘You suck, Bill. Get out of here!'”

But he does admit certain things are holding him back in the “DWTS” competition. “My pigeon toes [are] an ancient problem, and I have bad posture and [Tyne] deals with it every day.”

Nye said he’s now wearing a “piece of webbing, a yoke, to hold my shoulders back.”

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