Fall TV Preview: 5 Things to Know About the Season 5 Premiere of ‘Parenthood’

"Parenthood" Stars: Top row, from left: Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Monica Potter; Middle row, from left: Mae Whitman, Craig T. Nelson, Sam Jaeger; Bottom row, from left: Joy Bryant, Dax Shepard, Erika Christensen (Photo: NBC)

Parenthood” should probably be sponsored by Kleenex. The drama is the rare show that makes you want to have a good cry then hug your family. Season 5, which premieres on its new night on Thursday, September 26 at 10/9c on NBC, promises to be even more emotional and heartfelt as numerous Bravermans start new chapters of their lives. Sarah moves out of her parents house. Drew starts college. Crosby and Jasmine have a new baby. Joel and Julia struggle with a role reversal.

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Here are five things you need to know about the “Parenthood” Season 5 premiere:

1. Sarah Is On Her Own, For the First Time in her Adult Life. Sarah (Lauren Graham) has a new job as an apartment building manager. Yes, she finally has her own place. “I have an apartment. I have a bed!” said Graham. She also has a hot new neighbor played by Josh Stamberg. Though she enjoys being a single, independent lady, she has a bit of empty nest syndrome. Drew  (Miles Heizer) has started college. Though he is still in town, he is living on campus and not communicating with Sarah as much as she would like. As foolish as it seems for her to expect a college freshman would want to stay in close touch with his mother, remember that neither she nor Amber attended college so she is not really aware of the protocol. Says showrunner Jason Katims, “We are going to see Drew. We’re going to see him a lot. We’ll see him at Berkeley and adjusting to school. But he’ll definitely be part of the show.”

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2. Max and Hank: BFFs. Hank’s (Ray Romano) move to Minnesota turned out to be short term. Now he’s back in Berkeley, but Sarah (Lauren Graham) broke up with him anyway. At least that’s what she told the Bravermans. When Max stops by his photography shop, Hank insists that it was a “mutual break up.” Yes, Max, of all people,  is the Braverman who has stayed in touch with Hank. Max, being Max, cares a lot more about repairing the camera that Hank gave him last season than Hank’s well-being.  Hank encourages him to take his photography hobby more seriously, and advises him to take photos of something more marketable than bugs. Of course, Max’s visit brings Hank back into the Braverman fold. When Adam visits him, he continues to harp on the fact that it was a mutual break up. The guy is really hung up on what the family of a woman he briefly dated thinks of him.

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3. Joel and Julia Trade Places. After quitting her job last season to spend more time with her newly adopted son Victor (Xolo Mariduena ), Julia (Erika Christensen) is now ready to return to work. Unfortunately, she finds out that it’s not as easy to lean back in after taking time off as she expected. In contrast, Joel (Sam Jaeger) gets the career opportunity of a lifetime. The role reversal will take a toll on their relationship. “I think we see more of Joel and more strain on their relationship than we have seen in all seasons combined,” says Jaeger. The situation is complicated by Joel’s new colleague, Meredith, who looks down on Julia for being a stay-at-home Mom. “At the very beginning of our series that was something that Julia had snidely said about a girl who was one of my friends, a stay at home Mom. I think it was clever of the writers to have it thrown back in her face five years later.”

4. Crosby and Jasmine Have Their Baby. We learned that Jasmine (Joy Bryant) was pregnant in the season four finale. She gives birth to a baby girl during the premiere. Naturally, the rest of the Bravermans have tons of advice for her and Crosby (Dax Shepard). They do have a valid point that the baby needs a first name. This is Crosby’s first time parenting a new born. He discovers, to everyone else’s amusement, that midnight feedings and diaper changes are more difficult and exhausting than he expected.

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5. Kristina and Adam Break New Braverman Ground. Joel and Julia aren’t the only couple going through career changes. Kristina (Monica Potter) , who is determined to enjoy her life now that her cancer is in remission, gets an amazing job offer courtesy of Bob Little, the city council member who slept with Amber.  If she accepts, she and Adam (Peter Krause) will become the first dual career household on “Parenthood.” It’s about time! (Technically, Jasmine teaches dance. But we’ve never seen her in action.) Also, Julia was desperate to have a second child but learned she was infertile at the same time that Kristina accidentally got pregnant. Now Julia is struggling to get back into the workforce, and Kristina just has a job handed to her. Perhaps things will get a little tense between the two women this season.

“Parenthood” premieres Thursday, September 26 at 10/9c on NBC.

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