Jon Hamm Addresses Throat Ailment, Denies Cancer: Watch

A bearded Jon Hamm had a laugh on the red carpet Sunday at the Emmy Awards in L.A. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm said the throat ailment he has contracted is not cancer, nor did he ever “cough up blood” as a supermarket tabloid has apparently reported.

Hamm talked about the cancer story on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night.

As previously reported, Hamm, 42, is due to undergo surgery soon to remove polyps from his vocal chords. The growths are not uncommon for people such as entertainers (actors, singers, announcers and the like) who use their voices in their work.

On the “Kimmel” show, Hamm did indeed speak in a raspy voice — and sported the same beard he had Sunday night at the Emmy Awards.

Kimmel addressed the voice issue right away in his interview with Hamm. “Sounds like you’re having some voice problems,” Kimmel said.

“Yeah, I’ve got a polyp on my vocal chords,” Hamm said. “[It] sounds worse than it is — although it doesn’t sound as bad as The National Enquirer reported it, which was that I was coughing up blood and probably have cancer!”

Watch Part 1 of Jon Hamm’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel:
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Hamm said the report actually alarmed members of his family who called him to ask him if it was true that he has cancer. He told them no, and also denied the story on “Kimmel.”

Of his upcoming surgery, Hamm would say only: “It’s a very routine procedure.”

The “Mad Men” star also talked about the upcoming final season of the acclaimed AMC series. The final season will be split into two half-seasons of seven episodes each, with the finale airing in 2015. Hamm revealed that shooting on the first seven of the final 14 starts Nov. 4.

Understandably, Hamm wouldn’t reveal to Kimmel how the series will end for Hamm’s character, Don Draper. In fact, it was not entirely clear that Hamm himself knows how showrunner Matthew Weiner will conclude the series.

“Has Matthew Weiner told you how it will end for Don Draper on the show?” Kimmel asked him.

“I’ve gotten sort of broad strokes as to how it will end. [Weiner] has a very, very specific idea as to what he wants to do,” Hamm said.

Watch this part of their interview:
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