Deep Soap: Scandalous Sex on ‘General Hospital,’ Instant Engagements on ‘Bold & the Beautiful’

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Scandalous soap sex has been in short supply lately. I don’t mean non-consensual sex (Kristen drugging Eric on “Days of Our Lives”) or sex that is supposed to be romantic but much of the audience finds distasteful (Daniel and Jennifer “DOOL”). I mean sex that is deliciously immoral. “The Young & the Restless” had it for a while with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Carmen (Marco Dapper), but ruined it by turning him into a violent stalker. That scarcity made Ava (Maura West) and Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) tryst this week on “General Hospital” all the sweeter. It was the right kind of wrong in so many ways. She is his mother-in-law. She is nearly twice his age. She is systematically working to destroy his father’s life. She has been manipulating him for months. He is barely legal. He is not the sharpest tool in the drawer. He has a massive insecurity complex. Together, they smoldered.

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It was not exactly a surprise that they slept together. Their very first scenes on the show made the audience think that they were a couple, before it was revealed that he was actually involved with Ava’s daughter, Kiki (Kristen Alderson). Both spoilers and the entire build of the night made their encounter seem like an inevitability. Morgan and Kiki’s wedding reception, organized by Ava, imploded when Sonny (Maurice Benard), who was off his meds due to Ava’s Iago-style suggestion, decided to announce in his wedding toast that Morgan knew that Kiki and Michael (Chad Duell) were not really cousins prior to their wedding and that he helped him keep it a secret. Morgan went on a justified-but-epic rant in which he called Sonny a criminal and a drunk and called out both his parents on favoring Michael over him. He made some good points. Why was Morgan shipped off to boarding school when Michael was the one who was continuously getting into trouble? Why is Michael named after Sonny when he isn’t his biological child? With his weeks-long marriage effectively over, Morgan showed up in Ava’s room, believing that she was the only person who was on his side. Meanwhile, Ava suffered her own heartbreak when Silas not only rejected her romantic overture but also made it clear that he found everything about her repulsive. They were both looking for some validation. GH smartly had Morgan make the first move and Ava initially slap him away to avoid making her look like a sexual predator. Then he kissed her again. The duo turned out to have better chemistry than most of the serious romantic couples on the show.

The aftermath was amazing. Contrary to the laws of soaps, everybody found out about their sexcapade right away. The next morning, Carly (Laura Wright) dropped by Ava’s room. Ava had nearly succeeded in getting rid of her when Morgan proudly walked into the room and announced that he’d bagged a cougar. Carly and Ava had it out. (If Morgan were at all introspective he would notice how similar Ava is in both personality and appearance to his mother. Paging Dr. Freud.)

Then Morgan and Ava went back for round two. In a hilariously shocking moment, Kiki and Michael let themselves in to the room (for slightly contrived reasons) and caught them in the act. Both were horrified. Morgan defiantly went into graphic detail about all the sex they’d had, wrongly assuming that Michael and Kiki slept together, while Ava desperately tried to salvage her already strained relationship with her daughter. Thanks to this salacious scene, Michael and Morgan have become Jason and A.J.: the next generation, while Kiki is poised to work against the Jeromes. It wasn’t just sex. It was plot and character development.

Illicit sex used to be a daytime staple. Morgan and Ava make a great case for bringing the sexy back. Watch the episode below.

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Engaged to Do What?

On “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Carter (Lawrence St. Victor) and Maya (Kara Mosley) did it. Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) are about to do it. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) has stated his intention to do it with Hope (Kim Matu. I’m talking, of course, about getting engaged to someone you have been dating for less than two months. At least Bill and Brooke have known each other for years and developed an attraction long before they officially became a couple. But Carter and Maya never even went out on a real date. They made out once. Then Maya broke up with Rick when she discovered he slept with Caroline. Then Carter proposed. What? Why not try dating for a while to see if you’re actually compatible? Why not forge a real relationship so the audience can get invested in your storyline?

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Hope and Wyatt have a flirtation. They went on one date before she reunited with Liam for the upteenth time. Yet he has told her that he plans to marry her. Granted, he’s partially motivated by his rivalry with his long-lost brother Liam, but that’s ridiculous. He doesn’t know her well enough to be in love with her. Why, other than that this is considered normal behavior in the universe of the show, is Hope flattered rather than creeped out by his attention?

Making all of these instant lifetime commitments even less plausible is the fact that the show is set in Los Angeles, land of commitment-phobes. Here it’s not unusual to meet couples who have been together for a decade, lived together for five years but aren’t sure if they’re ready to get married, or people who are philosophically opposed to marriage.

An occasional impulsive marriage can be a fun plot, but B&B’s instant engagements render the concept of being engaged meaningless.

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