‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Premiere: As They Lay Dying

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Grey’s Anatomy” ended its ninth season with an electrocuted Richard lying in a pool of water in the hospital basement. Was he dead? Did he miraculously survive? Did Shonda Rhimes secretly create a spin-off called “Grey’s Anatomy: Afterlife” featuring Richard, Adele, George, Lexie, Mark, Denny and all of the Mercy residents who died in the hospital massacre healing people in heaven? I would probably watch that.

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Season 10 picks up a few seconds later. Richard gets the voiceover of the week. He ominously talks about getting his white doctor’s coat and that he’s thinking about that instead of seeing his entire life flash before his eyes before he dies. Foreshadowing or red herring?

Two Electrocutions, One Generator

Though everyone wonders where Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is, in the chaotic aftermath of the flood, with first responders who were injured in a mudslide filling the water-damaged hospital, a significant length of time passes before Bailey (Chandra Wilson) sends Ross (Gaius Charles) to look for him. However, since he wants to steal her surgery, he tricks Brooks (Tina Majorino) into taking on the assignment. Unfortunately, when she finds him, she accidentally steps in a puddle and is electrocuted too. Since it’s hard to remember which intern is which, she’s the weird one with the short hair who turned out to be a natural at brain surgery. Eventually, Ross finds them both, and manages to avoid the puddles — though it would have been darkly comic if he got electrocuted too so another intern was sent after him and she got electrocuted, etc., until there were no interns left.

Richard and Brooks are rushed into the ER. Both are still alive — barely. Ross is understandably guilt-ridden. To make matters worse, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) wants him to assist on Brooks’ surgery. Unfortunately, even though he and Derek do everything right, Brooks dies anyway. Rest in Peace, weird intern.

Bailey is determined to save Richard. Cristina (Sandra Oh) performs a risky heart procedure on him as Bailey gives her a pep talk. It works because Cristina is the best. A delighted Bailey embraces Cristina, then orders her, “Hug me back.” Bailey thinks there is a problem with his abdomen and wants to operate. Cristina tells her it’s too risky and plays the “I own this hospital” card. I hope there will be more of the owners versus regular doctors dynamic this season because it is such a rich source of conflict.

Bailey asks Owen (Kevin McKidd) to mediate. It turns out Richard gave Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) his power-of-attorney, because your former mistress’s daughter is practically family. After much deliberation and examining the labs, she decides to let Bailey do the surgery.

Katherine (Debbie Allen) arrives, livid that she was not consulted about her boyfriend’s treatment. She yells at Bailey that she needs to end the surgery. Bailey, rattled, eventually does, in part so Owen, who is working with her, can help Derek. When Bailey admits to Meredith that she is still convinced she should operate, Meredith tells her to go back in. Bailey finds an obstruction in his pancreas. Thanks to Bailey’s instincts, Richard is saved and regains consciousness at the end of the episode. Hooray! “Grey’s” needs his wise, paternal presence.

Watch Part 1 of Thursday’s Season Premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”:

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Arizona Does Not Understand Why Callie Is So Upset That She Cheated on Her

Callie (Sara Ramirez) is shocked and hurt that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) cheated on her. She gets a bit of revenge by telling all of the other doctors what happened. Arizona acts like committing adultery is about as serious as being late for dinner. She tells Alex (Justin Chambers) that her cheating will make her marriage stronger. He suggests she stick to, “I’m sorry I’m such a slut.” Arizona tells Callie, “I know you’re mad, and telling everyone, I guess I deserved that.” You guess? At least she’s not using her leg as an excuse. Callie crashes at Meredith’s house, with the baby. She laments to Derek that everyone she loves either cheats or dies. That’s more or less true of every “Grey’s” character. Arizona shows up and whines about how much she misses their daughter, oblivious to Callie’s feelings. Callie tells her that they are separated for the foreseeable future.

April Picks A Man

April’s (Sarah Drew) questions for Jackson (Jesse Williams) about whether or not there’s still something between them are interrupted by all hell breaking loose at the hospital. She spends the rest of the episode being jealous every time he is with Stephanie — his actual girlfriend. Matthew (Justin Breuning) catches her staring at the guy and questions if she really wants to marry him, pointing out that there’s no graceful way to turn down a flashmob proposal. Finally, Jackson calls April out, pointing out that the whole time they were together she treated their relationship like a dirty little secret, then pushed him away when he wanted to her to be serious. Now that she has a real relationship, she’s doing it again. April has issues that have nothing to do with him. Having struck out, or perhaps recognizing that Jackson is right, April re-proposes to Matthew. Even though she admits she will always have feelings for Jackson, he takes her back. Odds for some sort of wedding disaster: high.

Watch Part 2 of the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season Opener Here:

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Somehow, in the midst of all the tragedy, Cristina and Owen, who broke up in last season’s finale, manage to have sex. Twice. Then Cristina tells him that she doesn’t think they can even be friends because it will lead to more sex. Alex and Jo (Camilla Luddington) fail to have sex because they keep getting interrupted, and Jo is grossed out by all the other women Alex has slept with in various rooms of the hospital.

The Interns Bond Over Lying About Their Dead Colleague

The surviving interns are tasked with consoling Brooks’ mother. They realize they don’t have any good anecdotes about her. They finally start talking to each other the way the show’s original cast did back in Season 1. Jo confesses to her street urchin childhood. Leah (the blonde intern) got into the program because her mom used to date Mark Sloan. Perhaps she’s another one of his long -ost daughters. Maybe Leah will get a buzz cut in Brooks’ honor so I will stop confusing her with Jo. They look too much alike. After they all lie to Brooks’ mom about their memories of Heather, Ross decides to help firefighters rescue victims. They all join him because they are now each other’s people. Can they be each other’s people off-camera?

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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