‘Scandal’ Season One Recap: Episodes 1-4

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in 'Scandal' (Photo: ABC)

“Scandal’s” Season 3 premiere is looming and this show weaves a web of chaos like none other. Although Season 1 feels like ages ago, it was just last year and there are certain things we need to recall.

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Episode 1: Sweet Baby

Quinn Perkins becomes a Gladiator in a suit in the premiere episode of “Scandal,” to her own surprise. She is immediately thrown into work with a group of fixers that includes Olivia Pope, Abby Whelan, Huck, Stephen Finch and Harrison Wright.

Although they’re all lawyers, Olivia Pope and Associates is not a law firm. They are FIXERS and they’re basically a Land of Fierce Misfit Toys who solve problems for Washington DC’s elite. Olivia Pope is the head, and used to work for the White House before starting the firm. She has a friendly love-hate relationship with the US Attorney, David Rosen, who can’t seem to tell her no when she asks for favors.

Amanda Tanner is a twenty-something White House Aide who is threatening to go public with information that she and the married President of the United States had “relations.” Cyrus Beene, the White House Chief of Staff invites Olivia to Camp David so President Fitzgerald Grant can assure her it isn’t true.

Olivia brings Quinn as she accosts Amanda in public to calmly tell her to drop her lies about the leader of the free world, leave DC and never come back, otherwise she will be destroyed. Like a real Boss!

Amanda lands in the hospital because she tries to kill herself and Quinn is sent to babysit her. When Liv shows up, Quinn tells her that Amanda said the President used to call her “sweet baby.” Olivia storms out and ends up at the White House in the Oval Office, FURIOUS! Turns out that “sweet baby” is what he used to call HER, back when they used to be involved.

Liv storms out when Cyrus walks in on Fitz trying to kiss her and Amanda becomes OPA’s newest client!

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Episode 2: Dirty Little Secrets

Quinn is still playing babysitter to Amanda at the hospital when a reporter starts chatting her up. She might look slow but she puts two and two together and realizes that he’s trying to fish for information on the Aide. Quinn goes to call Liv and comes back to find that Amanda is gone. YOU HAD ONE JOB! ONE JOB!

Olivia and Quinn go to Amanda’s house, where Liv tells her that she now believes her and wants to represent her. Because you know, things are about to hit the fan and she’s the one person who can protect her. Understandably, she’s shaken up and unwilling to speak to either of them. So Perkins (at Liv’s suggestion) slips her business card under her door.

Amanda shows up at the Gladiator office after a bit, andddd the nosy reporter (Gideon) walks in to find her. NOW he knows he is on to something. Crap.


Episode 3: Hell Hath No Fury

When taking on new clients, the Gladiators take a vote but the only one that truly counts is Olivia’s. Stephen doesn’t think they should take on Amanda as a client because there’s no proof that she’s telling the truth and Olivia can’t reveal why she knows she is.

When the reporter shows up to the office, Liv convinces him to hold off on publishing his story on Amanda for 3 days. She even bargains with him by saying she’ll even get him an exclusive quote from her about her affair with the President.

Amanda says what she wants is a meeting with Fitz. She doesn’t want money or a job; just a face-to-face. Quinn goes to meet with Gideon for drinks to find out what he has so far, and it feels like a date. Uh oh.

Cyrus, meanwhile, is ANGRY because someone sent him an audiotape of the President having “relations.” And he assumes that it’s Olivia trying to blackmail Fitz. Mellie Grant, the First Lady, invites Liv to a gala at the White House, and when she shows up, she has a dance with the President, who invites her to a secret spot for a little rendezvous. It never happens though, as Cyrus gets her escorted out before they can meet up.

Olivia shows up at Amanda’s place to tell her a meeting with the President isn’t going to happen and Amanda drops a bomb: she’s pregnant. AW SNAP!


Episode 4: Enemy of the State

Olivia visits Cyrus at home, and his husband James isn’t too pleased to see her because he isn’t supposed to be talking about work on a Sunday! He lets her in anyway and she meets Cy in the back, gardening. She tells him that Amanda is pregnant and he offers to pay $10 million to the aide to shut up. Amanda refuses and repeats that she wants to SEE him and Liv basically tells her to get her life together because that ain’t happening.

Cyrus hires an investigator and tells him to find out everything he can about the Gladiators. Huck is a former CIA operative. Abby used to be in an abusive marriage and got a divorce. Harrison spent 6 months in jail for insider trading, Stephen had a nervous breakdown, and Quinn did not exist before 2008. Wait what?!?

The Vice-President’s Chief of Staff Billy Chambers calls up Olivia and tells her what Cyrus is up to. She replies by calling up Cy to tell him that Amanda will tell her story to Diane Sawyer for maximum publicity. OOPS. Cy shows up at the OPA office and declares war against Liv. At the same time, Amanda is being drugged and kidnapped from her apartment.

Oh, and Gideon stops making out with Quinn long enough to ask if the President slept with Amanda. She said “no,” breaking two rules that Harrison told her. He warned her not to date a reporter AND never to lie to one.


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