‘Scandal’ Season One Recap: Episodes 5-7

Kerry Washington in 'Scandal' (Photo: ABC)

“Scandal’s” Season 3 premiere is looming and this show weaves a web of chaos like none other. Although Season 1 feels like ages ago, it was just last year and there are certain things we need to recall. 

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Episode 5: Crash and Burn

Amanda Tanner is missing and Huck’s mission is to find out what happened and he does pretty quickly. Based on footage from a camera near Amanda’s apartment, she was kidnapped by a man named Charlie, former CIA teammate of Huck’s. The two of them grab lunch and it’s confirmed that Tanner is dead. Quinn doesn’t take the news well, especially since she just told Amanda’s dad that she will be ok.

Olivia goes to the White House and tells Fitz that Amanda’s dead. He assures her that he didn’t do it and she thinks Cyrus did. But where’s Amanda’s body? Liv tells Huck to find out so the goon reverts to his old ways and goes to Charlie’s apartment to torture him until he has the info he needs.

Back at the White House, Cyrus plays the audio sextape for the President, as well as the blackmail letter, which includes Nixon’s resignation tape. Whoever sent it no longer wants him to be President, so the two of them realize it wasn’t from Olivia.

David Rosen is told that Amanda Tanner’s body can be found under the 14th street bridge, and it’s confirmed when she’s lifted out of it. Her death is being ruled as a suicide.

As if that wasn’t enough. Olivia gets a call from Stephen saying Amanda was indeed pregnant. But the baby wasn’t Fitz’s. SCANDAL!!!

She hangs up and there’s a knock at her door. She opens it to find President Fitzgerald Grant.

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Episode 6: The Trail

Fitz comes to Olivia’s apartment with the audio sextape he received. But before we can listen, we jump back to two years before, when a then-Governor Grant was on the campaign trail. He was behind in the race for President when a then-stranger Olivia Pope boldly tells him why. She’s hired to be his campaign manager and first thing she does is tell Fitz and Mellie to start looking like a more loving couple.

Rumors start swirling that Mellie is having an affair but Liv squashes those nicely. Mrs. Grant shows she isn’t just a pretty wife when during an interview with press, she earns an Academy Award by breaking down about a miscarriage she suffered earlier in Fitz’s campaign. He goes along with the lie but it makes him look at his wife different.

Fitz confides in Liv, and they give up to their attraction in his hotel room for some horizontal tango. Neither knew that there was a surveillance van parked outside recording their tryst. This tape is dropped off to Billy Chambers as a USB drive, and the innocent messenger was: Amanda Tanner!

Billy wanted Sally Langston, then Fitz’s opponent to use it to get him to drop out the race, but she didn’t because she had accepted his invitation for Vice-President.

Back in the present, Liv knows she’s the moans on the tape. And David Rosen’s gut tells him that Amanda’s death wasn’t a suicide but he has no proof.

Let’s not forget Gideon, who is still investigating what really happened with Amanda. He realized she had a boyfriend and it was Billy Chambers! Billy shows up at his apartment and the reporter tells him he knows he sent Amanda to go sleep with the President. AND he tells him that his now-dead girlfriend was 13 weeks pregnant with a baby that wasn’t the President’s. Billy grabs a pair of scissors nearby and stabs Gideon in the neck with it.


Episode 7: Grant: For the People

Quinn arrives at Gideon’s place and finds him on the ground covered in blood, fighting for life. She runs to him and pulls the scissors out his neck and blood gushes everywhere. He dies as she’s holding him and she is shaking. She calls Olivia, who arrives to find her still shaking, and covered in her boo’s blood.

The Gladiators are summoned to clean up the scene and Quinn is their newest client because that is not her real name and her real identity cannot be found out. They grab Gideon’s cellphone and jet.

Meanwhile at the White House, Billy Chambers hands VP Sally Langston a note as she’s in a meeting and interrupts a press conference. He announces his resignation, says Amanda Tanner was pregnant with his baby and had an affair with the President. This begins his press tour, playing the audiotape on various shows for folks to hear.

Since Olivia and her team cleaned up Gideon’s murder scene, there isn’t any evidence for David Rosen, who knows what they did. He shows up to the OPA offices, calls Gideon’s phone and hears it ring, catching them red-handed. Quinn is taken into custody with Harrison by her side as her attorney.

Mellie and Olivia meet up and the two women decide to have Mellie say it’s her voice on that audiotape. Plus, she’ll tell the press she’s “newly pregnant” for sympathy. However, since she is NOT with child, her and Fitz must start trying. They tell him and he doesn’t seem too pleased but they might have just saved his seat in the office.

All that’s missing now is for the VP to show she has his back, and to get that, he hands the conservative Christian woman proof that her daughter got an abortion. Langston then holds a press conference severing ties with her former chief of staff, Billy Chambers.

As Billy feels the proverbial knife Sally twisted in his back, he gets on an elevator and right before it closes, Charlie joins him. Uh oh. That was a mission from Huck, who couldn’t kill Billy himself because he had promised Olivia that he would not. He called his frenemy instead.

David Rosen runs Quinn’s fingerprints and what he found was important enough for him to bring her back to the Gladiator office. Olivia turns to her and asks “Do you want to tell them who you are or should I?”

Oh and Cyrus was the person who ordered Charlie to kill Amanda.

It’s about to go DOWN.


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