‘DWTS’ Cast Hails the Effort of Bill Nye the Courageous Guy: ‘He’s A Hero,’ Snooki Says

"DWTS": Bill Nye and his partner Tyne Stecklein (Photo: ABC)

Bill Nye The Science Guy cleaned up on social media during his short stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” But sadly, the TV brainiac was hobbled by a devastating torn ligament he suffered last week.

So he was eliminated on Monday night with his robot-themed jazz dance (in which he barely moved) only receiving a score of 16 from the judges.

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Afterward, Nye was unable to complete all his exit interviews — but his co-stars couldn’t believe the star’s courage in performing against doctor’s orders.

“He was so brave to do that,” Christina Milian told xfinityTV.

And Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said she was “very sad” about Nye leaving. “The fact that he danced when he was injured [shows] he’s a hero,” the former “Jersey Shore” star added.

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“Glee” star Amber Riley said, “I think it was awesome. He went out there and did the best that he could. His pop and lock was pretty good!”

Riley’s pro partner, Derek Hough, liked what Nye said in justifying his decision to perform—that people regret what they DON’T do in life.

“He should be proud the way he went out tonight with so much integrity and so much honor. Hopefully he can hold his head up high,” Hough said.

Milian’s partner, longtime “DWTS” pro Mark Ballas, said, “For someone to say, ‘Hey, man, if you can figure out a way to get me out there, I’ll go out and do it’—that’s really commendable. A lot of people would just be like, ‘Ah, I’m hurt. I’m done.'”

The fact that Nye tried to play a robot instead, “shows a lot of guts on his part.”

But Ballas added, “Now that his time on the show is done, he needs to really take care of his knee. I’ve had knee injuries, shoulder injuries—you take it for granted every day getting out of bed and walking around, running and getting in your car.
“I really hope he has a speedy recovery and does all the right things with therapy and he can avoid surgery. Now he’s really got to focus on getting better.”

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