Bob Newhart, Bill Nye to Guest-Star in ‘Big Bang Theory’ Next Month

Bob Newhart guest-starred on "The Big Bang Theory" last May, with star Jim Parsons (left). Inset: Bill Nye (Photos: CBS, ABC)

Sitcom legend Bob Newhart is set for his second appearance on “The Big Bang Theory.”

But this time, his kiddie-show character will have competition from another TV science personality: Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

CBS announced the two guest-stars on Wednesday. They’ll both be seen in the “Big Bang” episode scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 7.

Newhart, 84, was first seen on “Big Bang” last May. He played Professor Proton, the former host of a kiddie science show that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) revered when they were children.

But in the upcoming episode, Sheldon feels spurned when Prof. Proton invites Leonard to help him with an experiment.

So Sheldon tries to strike up a friendship with another renowned kiddie-show science star — the real Bill Nye (who also happens to be a contestant this season on “Dancing With the Stars” over on ABC).

Watch last week’s season premiere episode of “The Big Bang Theory”:
[iframe—The-Hofstadter-Insufficiency/embed 580 476]

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