Awesomely Luvvie: Top 10 Moments – ‘Scandal’ Season 3 Premiere


Kerry Washington returned in the season 3 premiere of "Scandal." (ABC)

Scandal season 3 is BACK and it picked up right where we left off in the season 2 finale as Olivia is riding in a limo with her dad, Rowan. Here are top 10 most memorable moments in the episode.

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1. Rowan Pope’s Lecture – Rowan takes Olivia to an airplane hanger and tells her that she needs to disappear. But before he does, he gives her the lecture of the century, scolding her about how her affair with President Fitzgerald Grant goes against everything he taught her. That tongue-lashing was so proper that it rendered the usually confident Liv silent, with a pout on her face. She looked so downtrodden as Poppa Pope treated her like a child. Now we know where she gets her ability to CUT FOLKS DOWN with words.

2. Sally Langston and Cyrus Beene Showdown – Vice-President Sally Langston and Cyrus Beene have never liked each other but when they met up in the Oval Office with President Fitz for some damage control, things came to a head. Sally brings up the Lord and Cyrus tells her that the Lord can’t vote

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3. Huck to the Rescue – Olivia defies her father’s command that she disappears to an island for 8 months and heads back to the Gladiator office. When she gets there, press is everywhere and she’s basically trapped in the limo. As the cameras go off around the car, Huck opens the door, grabs Liv and hustles her into the building. YES, HUCK!!!

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4. Hal the Snitch – Mellie goes to her favorite informant, Hal, one of the President’s main Secret Service agents to ask if he leaked Olivia’s name. Hal assures her she didn’t, but we have to remember that he’s not the most trustworthy dude. His loose lips might sink ships.

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5. Cyrus’ Hangup and Command – After footage of the President coming out of Olivia’s apartment surfaces, Cyrus panics and tells someone to start a “kill folder” for Olivia. This shows how little allegiance Mr. Beene has for anyone. He also hangs up on Harrison, telling him to never call him again. RUDE! We find out that Liv’s mom died when she was 12, and she’s an only child. Although there’s doubt that her mom is really dead. We shall see.

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6. Pope and Pope Part Two – Rowan meets Olivia in a parking garage and the two go toe-to-toe again. Liv asks him where Jake is, and he isn’t willing to share that info. And when he thinks she’s powerless, she gets back some footing and tells him she is “NEVER out of options.” GO LIV!

7. Providence – Olivia makes a call, is escorted to a top secret location and when the door opens, the “hi” she gets is from President Fitz! WHOA! He’s mad that she used the high emergency code” Providence” to get him there but she says they need to fix the matter at hand. When Mellie walks in, we get to see that above all else, Olivia is a FIXER. And she is still on the job, even if her client is herself. Also, Fitz tells his wife that he called out Liv’s name when he was shot because he’s in love with her. Again, ouch to Mellie.

8. Fitz’s White Flag to Sally – Fitz and Sally meet in the Oval Office and he tells her that he’s going to tell the truth about him and Olivia. He wants her to publicly shame him so she can have her way in for when she wants to run for President. His surprised VP asks why he’s being nice and he tells her “because we are not married to one another.” This is the third ouch for Mellie.

9. Plotting Gladiators – Since Liv isn’t acknowledging that she needs this situation fixed, the Gladiators, at the behest of Harrison take it upon themselves. They set up a White House Aide to be the “other woman” hereby taking the heat off Liv and destroying the original plan to just have Fitz be accountable. Harrison wins the line of the episode with “Are we gladiators or are we …?”

10. Cyrus, Rowan and Iran – Cyrus comes home to find his favorite assassin, Charlie in his bedroom next to his drugged husband James. He’s taken to Rowan Pope, who hands him a folder. The info in it is about a mission that Fitz and Jake did in Iran years back when they were both in the Navy. Whatever Cyrus found in it made his jaw drop. And THAT ended the episode.

The whole hour of the premiere episode of Scandal was memorable, and it set a tone for a season where the story of Olivia Pope will finally come out. We’re already starting to see how she became who she is, especially with Rowan Pope’s no-nonsense style.

Olivia still wants to be the fixer of her own life, and for once she doesn’t have as much control as she things she does. Fitz is continuously the least powerful person in his own story, and he is constantly losing footing by underestimating Mellie. Cyrus refuses to be loyal to anyone, and he puts the folks around him at risk for it. And the Gladiators? Well, Olivia might have taught them TOO well.

Next week  Thursday can’t come soon enough…

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.
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