‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily Targets the Wrong Person: Watch

Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman in Sunday night's episode of "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

What if Emily set out to take down someone who didn’t deserve it? That was the clever twist in last night’s episode of “Revenge.”

Emily Plays God

Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) target of the week was Paul (James LeGros), a former Grayson executive turned priest who she blamed for getting everyone to turn against her father.

Emily took Daniel to meet him under the guise of wanting him to officiate at their wedding. Apparently, the Graysons are Catholic. Paul immediately acknowledged his history with the family. He said he changed careers after David died because he realized “the destructiveness of grief.”

In other words, Paul had a major case of the guilts that he was trying to assuage. When Paul came by the Grayson house, Conrad thought he was attempting to shake them down over what he knew about David. Paul said he found peace, and that perhaps Conrad’s Huntington’s Disease was God asking him to atone.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) thought that whatever Paul did in the past, his current work with the poor should exempt him from Emily’s red Sharpie of justice.

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He refused to help her with this takedown. Emanda hit Paul over the head with a crowbar, stole his wallet as a cover, then took incriminating photos of him with an undressed woman.

She placed the photos in the church collection plate. Then they met about the wedding. After she saw that he has started a soup kitchen and revealed that he didn’t call the police after she attacked him because he assumed the mugger needed the money, Emily realized he truly is a good person and she has made a mistake.

Before she can retrieve the photos, however, the head priest saw them and confronted Paul. A priest who has sex with an adult woman would probably be a relief given all the scandals in the Catholic church, but Paul’s boss wanted him gone.

She prayed to her father for forgiveness, lighting a candle at the church. Conrad arrived, in search of Paul. He thought it was time for him to pay for his sins. Emily told Nolan he was right about Paul.  She wanted to get him his job back both because it was the right thing to do and because she thought Paul could convince Conrad to confess.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Victoria hosted a Grayson family dinner to introduce everyone to Patrick (Justin Hartley). The entire family was hostile. Daniel demanded proof of his identity.  Conrad told him that years ago Victoria sent the Grayson family henchman Frank to scare him away. Victoria apologized, then told the family their behavior was unacceptable.

Emily again drugged Conrad’s drink, causing him to have a muscle tremor and break a glass. The next day Emily offered him a friendly ear and her knowledge of the Graysons. He slammed the door in her face, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense unless he, too, has a secret agenda.

Is Aiden Working With Victoria, or Against Her?

Aiden (Barry Sloane) told a wary Victoria (Madeline Stowe) that he has known Emily for longer than he admitted last season and that he knew she was out to destroy the Graysons.

When Victoria demanded proof, instead of simply telling her that Emily was actually David’s daughter, Amanda, he broke into Emily’s house in a futile search for the Infinity box, but instead came up with a copy of the deed to Nolan’s house with Emily’s name on it. He said it was proof that Emily stole the Grayson fortune. Since he protected Emily’s secret, is he still secretly on her side?

The Devil Removes Her Prada

Daniel (Joshua Bowman) wanted to help Margaux (Karine Vanasse) launch her magazine, Voulez.  He used his connections to find investors since she was determined to make it in America without the help of her rich, so far unseen father. She celebrated by taking off her dress and propositioning him. Though he is obviously attracted to her, he turned down the sex. But he did accept a position as her publisher. It’s only a matter of time before he demands that she publish one of his lousy poems.

Charlotte Hates Everyone

Charlotte accused Emily of ratting out Victoria and Patrick to Ashley. She no longer trusted her. She also turned on her father after Jack informed her that Conrad knew there was a bomb in the building where Declan was killed.

This Week’s Fashion Moment

Nolan has taken to having one-night stands with hot guys to cure what he calls his PTSD (Padma Tyler Sexual Damage). His morning-after outfit is a shortie smoking jacket over black briefs, You keep doing you, Nolan.

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