New Season of ‘Walking Dead’ Is ‘Beautiful,’ Star Steven Yeun Insists

Blade runner: Steven Yeun -- as Glenn Rhee -- springs into action in the new season of "The Walking Dead" (Photo: AMC)

After all the turmoil seen in the Season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead,” the survivors have banded together in the prison and are trying to maintain some veneer of what their lives were like before the zombie apocalypse, when the AMC series returns on Sunday (Oct. 13), at 9/8c.

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“Things pick up in a relatively peaceful environment,” Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee, tells XfinityTV.

“I think the residents of the prison have tried to make a semblance of society and we’re picking up from there.”

But, of course, peace doesn’t come easily, and Glenn, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the rest of the group will soon have to face a new danger even worse than the Governor, who is back this season, or being surrounded by a group of hungry zombies.

For more of what you can expect, read Yeun’s answers to these burning questions about Season 4 of “The Walking Dead”:

XfinityTV: People from Woodbury are moving into the prison. What is Glenn’s role going to be in that?

Yeun: I think that is going to have to be saved for people to watch it, but in regards to letting people in, there is an understanding collectively that there is power in numbers, so having more people is probably just a better idea.

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Glenn (Steven Yeun) takes aim at a hungry walker in "The Walking Dead" (Photo: AMC)

The producers have mentioned that there is danger this season from humans as opposed to zombies. How is that a bigger threat?

I think, without giving anything away, it is the idea that the world that they live in now is chaotic. It is a ghost of what it used to be. It is a decayed version of everything. When you decay society, when you decay order, when you decay every single thing that exists — their entire world — it will be interesting to see how they overcome all these obstacles.

But the zombies are still out there. Every time you make a supply run, they’re a danger. Any really cool zombie attacks you can talk about?

Probably not. There is just definitely going to be danger. I can’t give much away.

I heard that the zombies are at the gates.

Even though they have fortified the prison, the Walkers are attracted by noise and whatever attracts them to living people, so there is just an upkeep that they have to maintain, which is to make sure that the perimeter they set up isn’t compromised. So there are Walkers that come up, but they take care of them.

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Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) declare their love for each other in a tender, quiet moment on "The Walking Dead" (Photo: AMC)

When we first met Glenn in Season 1, he was very much a loner. He had learned how to circumvent the Walkers in Atlanta, but now, he is part of a family. Can you talk about his journey?

Glenn was a product of his environment. He was a college student, who didn’t amount to much, or live up to the standards that maybe he, or his family, or society placed on him. He under-achieved. This new horrific zombie world is a clean slate. It’s a situation for him to grow [in]. We find him more willing to go out a martyr. He’s reckless but not unafraid to die. If he does go out, at least he will go out being a hero. That’s why he volunteers. That’s why he does all that stuff. It gives him an opportunity to leave his footprint on the world.

Then he meets Maggie and he sees these people for such a long course of time, he understands that the world is worth living for. It is a very “Into the Wild”-esque situation, where he leaves to be by himself because nobody in the world can understand him, but then he realizes that the only joy you can have in the world is having another person next to you, experiencing those same experiences. So, Glenn goes through that kind of situation with Maggie. Now, he solely lives to protect them and to be there for him.

Do Glenn and Maggie talk about marriage? Or in this new world, is just being together enough?

I think it is more the latter. I think the proposal, in my opinion, was more of an agreement — a declaration between the two — as quiet as it was. Even in the conversation he has with Herschel (Scott Wilson), he says, “We don’t need a wedding. We don’t need a fancy marriage, because we might die tomorrow, we might die just an hour from now, or next year. We don’t know.” I think that is why the proposal wasn’t filled with pomp and circumstance. I know the ring signified that it did, but, in my opinion, it was just them together agreeing that in this moment, they are bonded. That those two are agreeing that for the rest of the time they are alive on earth, they will be together. There is no church they can go to and get married.

Lori died giving birth to a baby. Do you worry about Maggie getting pregnant?

Those concerns are definitely there. I think Glenn, out of all people, has witnessed all facets of how dangerous this world is. From the Walkers, to going on supply runs, to being captured by people who tortured him, plus he has seen his love tortured. He has been a first-hand witness, or someone who has had horrible things happen to him, so I think he really understands, if not better than most, that this world is such a dangerous place to live in, let alone bring a child into.

Are they past the horror of what they experienced at the Governor’s hands?

I think Glenn and Maggie are very strong. I think that moment during the proposal was a declaration from Glenn, and even asking Hershel was kind of an affirmation for him that he understands what it takes now to be a parent. It isn’t a brazen pumping on your chest, but it is playing it smart and being there for your people. Existing and continuing to exist. Because of that, I think, for them, they really crossed that plain.

Sometimes watching the show gets hard. It is so dark with very little beauty to it. Does any of that ever get to you?

Yeah. It does. Last year was pretty tough. Glenn went through quite a bit and it was hard on me, Steven, as well. Which was interesting, because I had never experienced that before. I hadn’t done anything that intense on the show. For me, it was more, “You’re acting. You’re making believe,” but it was pretty hard to shed what happened last year because we had to stay there so long. We had to be there for seven months. It was interesting, but it is also our job to be able to shake it off.

Is there anything you are able to say about this coming season?

It is going to be a beautiful season. The words we have used prior are epic, crazy, and awesome. I think the best word we can use this season is beautiful.

The 16-episode season of “The Walking Dead” will be divided into two-parts. The first eight episodes premiere this Sunday (Oct. 13) at 9/8c on AMC. The second eight episodes will premiere next February.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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