Watch ‘Today Show’s’ Entire Interview With Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson

by | October 10, 2013 at 11:44 AM | The Today Show, TV News

This is the entire, uncut, 25-minute interview — above — that NBC’s Savannah Guthrie conducted with San Diego kidnap victim Hannah Anderson, 16, this week in New York.

She’s the teen who was abducted in August by a man who had been a friend of the girl’s family, but who suddenly, and without warning, murdered the girl’s brother and mother, and then forcibly abducted Hannah and took her to Idaho. That’s where law-enforcement officers caught up with them, and fatally shot the man, James DiMaggio, in a dramatic rescue. Hannah was unharmed, at least physically.

Portions of the interview were aired Thursday morning on “The Today Show,” but due to the time constraints presented by commercial TV, the 25-minute interview could not be aired in its entirety. But it IS available here, above.

If you followed this dramatic story, or even if you didn’t, hearing this teen tell the full story publicly for the first time is a fascinating, harrowing experience.

Watch this interview, above.