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Scandal” is digging deeper into Olivia’s life and with every episode, the glimpses into her past are allowing us to understand who she is. Also, they’re letting us in to the fact that Rowan Pope is a beast in his own right. Below are top 10 moments/scenes from episode 2 of Scandal’s season 3, title “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

1. Pope and Pope Sunday Dinner (flashback) – In a flashback from five years before, Olivia is at dinner with her dad, because it’s part of a deal that forces him to pay her law school debt. Also, it’s his way of making amends for not being a great father to her after her mom died (which I don’t believe). She mentions her boyfriend (Senator Edison Davis). When she leaves dinner with her father and waits for the train, two people try to mug her, but Huck, her homeless buddy beats them down like the pro Olivia didn’t realize he was!

2. Liv and Fitz’s phone call – Olivia goes for a run when Tom, Fitz’s Secret Service guy runs alongside of her and slips her a phone so she can talk to him. The two fantasize about getting married, having four kids, living in Vermont, and making jam. Talk about a dream deferred. Liv tells Fitz that Jeannine (the lady who is being called his mistress) is her client and she will come after the White House. He encourages her, because let’s face it. He cares less about that office than he does about Olivia.

3. Huck’s B613 Confession (flashback) – The next time Olivia sees Homeless Huck in the train station, she asks him how he beat her muggers up so well. He tells her “I can kill a man with very little” and says he was formerly a part of a secret CIA operative called B613. Liv thinks he’s in need of medication for his delusions but when she gets to dinner with Papa Pope, she tells him about it. She even tells him to look into it for her but Rowan laughs it off and tells her to stop talking to homeless strangers, but his eyes darken as Liv sips on her wine. For all she knows, her dad works at the Smithsonian.

4. Mellie’s Scheme – After realizing that President Fit isn’t willing to name Jeannine as his mistress, Mellie comes up with a plan of her own. She tells Cyrus to match up the dates she was out of town and the dates where Fitz had an opportunity to possibly sleep with the aide. Cyrus marvels at her scheme and he says “You’re evil.” Her reply? “You’re welcome.”

5. Rowan’s Dealings – Rowan shows up at the Gladiator office and Olivia introduces the staff to her father. As soon as they’re alone, she tells him that they have a deal for him to stay away from Huck. She asks about Jake and her dad tells her that if she doesn’t let Jeanine take the fall for being Fitz’s mistress, she won’t see him again. UH OH.

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6. Wonderland (flashback) – Olivia hasn’t seen Huck in the train station, so at Sunday dinner, she asks Rowan, who vehemently denies the existence of B613. She’s not convinced so she does her own research and finally realizes that her own father is the leader of the secret group. When she confronts him at dinner, he drops his sweet dad act and warns Olivia “if you push, you will know me well.” AW SNAP!

7. Baby Huck’s Warning – After Papa Pope’s visit to the Gladiator office, Quinn is curious about him and Liv’s relationship so she gets to digging. Huck tells her “Be less like me and more like Liv.” But we know Perkins is not one to listen well.

8. Rowan’s Dastardly Deeds (flashback) – Huck is released out of the hole at Wonderland, and back at his post in the train station with a black eye. When Liv sees him there, she calls her father. Rowan tells her that her now-fiance Edison has been in an unfortunate “accident” and he’ll survive but she needs to know he is not the man for her. She tries to break up with her own dad and he tells her “we’re family, sweetie. We’re never done.” He might be the worst daddy ever.

9. Mellie’s Move, Olivia’s Call and Fitz’s Checkmate – Knowing that Fitz is still not trying to get Jeannine to take the fall as his mistress, Mellie calls the innocent girl and makes a deal to give her $2 million in a Cayman Island account. Olivia places a desperate call to Fitz, telling him to SAVE JAKE because she cannot burn her client and also lose the person who saved her. She also calls her dad and tells him that she will do Sunday dinner with him if he lets Jake live. Right before Jeannine is scheduled to tell her story, Fitz calls a press conference admitting to sleeping with the aide. He effectively cheated Mellie, Jeannine and Vice President Sally Langston out of what they wanted in one moment. And his move got an extra stamp when he said “How presidential are my ….. now, Cyrus?” This line won Fitz the episode’s best one-liner award.

10. Quinn’s discovery and Huck’s Reaction – Quinn never did stop digging and she tells Huck that she found out Olivia was telling her father about a homeless guy who lived at Union Station. It dawns on Huck that her father is not only a part of B613, but possibly the head. Huck finds Liv in the parking garage and asks “Is your father command?” He’s so angry because she had told him she’d never lie to him, so he grabs her by the head, as if he was ready to choke the betrayal out of her. She says “yes he is” and he lets her go and flees.

A lost Liv is at home when her father calls to tell her to open the door. She does and finds a beaten up Jake at her door. He slumps to the floor. At least he’s alive.

Well now we know why Liv resents her father so much. He’s a manipulative monster who makes Cyrus looks like a saint. We also find out that Rowan’s other name is Eli, which is used for his cover-up identity. There was just so much happening in this hour.

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