Bruce Willis Takes on Armageddon, Shakes His Sack on ‘SNL’

by | October 13, 2013 at 1:48 PM | Celebrities, Saturday Night Live

Bruce Willis on "Saturday Night Live" (NBC)

Bruce Willis made a long-awaited return to “Saturday Night Live” last night, and made it known immediately with a crack about all of the “Die Hard” movies, that nothing, least of all himself, would be safe from parody.

Sketches included a Navy SEALs scene that mocks action movies and begins with Willis stating he was going to kick down the terrorist’s door and ask if anyone ordered a pizza and ends with his planning to dive out of an exploding bedroom and landing on a sports car driven by a beautiful woman.

He later went on to show what happens when the ladies go out and the men stay home to watch football with “Boy Dance Party.” The scene features Willis and the cast singing about how “”In the older days, the ladies stayed at home and went to work. Now it’s time for the ladies to get out so the boys can stay home and twerk” and going on to “shake the sack.”

Willis’ movie “Armageddon,” also got airtime, with the would-be saviors of the world discussing what they would do when they returned to Earth.

Other notable scenes included a take on the movie “Gravity” and what happens to the astronauts during the government shutdown as well as as a “Weekend Update” take on the break-up of Bruce and Kris Jenner. Surprisingly, musical guest Katy Perry, who has starred in some popular sketches in the past, did not participate in any of the skits.

“Saturday Night Live’ returns on Oct. 26 with host Edward Norton and musical guest Janelle Monae.