Midseason Comedy ‘Us & Them’ Is Likely Already Dead

Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel played the romantic leads in "Us & Them" (Photo: Fox)

A midseason comedy that was highly touted by Fox last spring is now probably dead in the water.

The show — titled “Us & Them” and starring Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter — is reportedly ceasing production after completing only six episodes.

And Fox has decided not to go ahead and make more, according to this story on Deadline.com.

Though Fox has made no announcement confirming (or denying) that the show is cancelled, the Deadline story says the show’s cast and crew has been informed they’re free to seek employment elsewhere — an indication that production on “Us & Them” is not likely to restart.

“Us & Them” was a remake of a British sitcom called “Gavin & Stacey” about a young man and woman in a long-distance relationship.

No reason for the show’s discontinuation was given in the story, although the story speculated that Fox execs felt this decidedly “soft” romantic comedy was not compatible with its other, edgier comedies such as “Dads” or “The Mindy Project.” The story said Fox will probably air the six episodes of “Us & Them” that were produced, but that probably won’t happen ’til next summer.

“Us & Them” was among the midseason shows Fox announced last spring in New York when it unveiled its fall lineup. It is the second midseason comedy to be discontinued by Fox in the past week. The other one was an animated series called “Murder Police.”

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