‘Sharknado’ Network SyFy Plots New Epic About Undersea Vampires

by | October 18, 2013 at 9:01 AM | Sharknado, TV News

"Jerry Maguire" kid star Jonathan Lipnicki, seen last year and in 1998 (inset), stars in a new upcoming movie on SyFy (Photos: Getty Images)

By Tim Kenneally

How do you improve on “Sharknado”? Add vampires, of course!

And not just any vampires – sea vampires, which are easily one of the five most awesome varieties of vampires ever.

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The network that brought the world the sharks-in-storms epic “Sharknado” revealed its latest original movie, “Beast of the Bering Sea,” on Thursday.

The film, due to premiere Nov. 9 on NBC-owned SyFy, stars “Sharknado’s” Cassie Scerbo and former “Jerry Maguire” kid star Jonathan Lipnicki as a pair of siblings who go prospecting for gold and accidentally disturb a colony of blood-sucking amphibious predators (known as sea vampires) in an underwater cave. Kevin Dobson (“Knots Landing”) also stars.

And just to prove that they’re not done with storm-related disaster movies, Syfy also announced the premiere date for another original movie, “Stonados.” In case you couldn’t tell from the totally straightforward title, “Stonados” revolves around a freak weather system that hurls deadly boulders.

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“One Tree Hill” vet Paul Johanssen stars, along with William B. Davis of “The X Files” and Thea Gill from “Queer as Folk.” “Stonados” is scheduled to premiere Nov. 23.