Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal’ Season 3, Episode 3

Jake (Scott Foley) confronts Olivia (Kerry Washington) in this week's episode of ABC's "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

1. The Squabbling First Family – Mellie and Fitz are supposed to be spending time bonding as they feed their baby son, and Cyrus tells them about how to look like a loving couple. However, their clear disdain for each other makes it a hard task, because the two of them say they refuse to spend a weekend at Camp David faking some romantic retreat. Cyrus Beene yells at them that they “will show the American people that your love is real and special!”

2. Security breaches – A man goes into the White House and they realize he’s an unwanted guest. But by the time he’s tackled to the ground, he’s made it into the Oval Office. He wants to speak to the President about “ Operation Remington.” Meanwhile, Olivia’s at the Capitol looking for Mary Nesbitt, her newest client who wants to be represented for a family issue. When Liv enters the office of Congressman Struthers, Mary turns around and is wearing explosives. So there were TWO bad security breaches in two huge government buildings, and they’re both evacuated.

3. Mother on a Mission – Mary Nesbitt wanted the Gladiators to represent her to get to the bottom of the death of her son Chris Lawrence, who was murdered in an FBI raid the year before.  They accused him of being a terrorist and she has a gut feeling that he was not, and she’s there to get people to listen to her, including her own Congressman.

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4. Huck on Rowan’s Trail – Huck is trailing Rowan (aka Command aka Olivia’s Dad) and it’s clear he seems ready for revenge. At one point as he’s trailing him on foot, he’s close to confronting him when Rowan’s phone rings and Huck keeps walking. The former B613 dude is AFTER the faceless boss who tortured him.

5. Remington Problem – Cyrus is given a folder with information on the guy who was tackled in the Oval Office and he finds out his name is Peter Foster. He then tells them to release Peter, and the deputy he tells is surprised but not able to protest the chief of staff. Peter’s mention of Operation Remington means he has damaging information. Also, the call that Rowan gets is from Cyrus, who tells him they have a “Remington Problem.” Oh it’s getting really real.

6. Olivia the Terrorist – Olivia becomes the middle man as the FBI negotiates with Mary, and they want the lady to give herself up if she wants to see her son’s declassified files. However, it’s clear they aren’t up for negotiation because SWAT starts entering the building and snipers are positioned around the building to take Mary out. When she goes by the window, Liv sees red dots on her, and rushes to push her out the way. She stands in her place instead, because if Mary was shot and the bombs go off, they’d ALL die.

7. Rowan’s Visit – Rowan Pope goes to see a guy who lives in a trailer and scolds him for having him send Peter Foster to the White House. The tank-topped stranger is involved in Operation Remington somehow, and is resentful of President Fitz. When Rowan steps out of the trailer park, Huck is waiting there with a gun, and he isn’t even moved. He knew he was trailing him the whole time.

8. The Blowup – Still a hostage, but also negotiator, Olivia gets a call and its President Fitz, who is in a room with Cyrus Beene, David Rosen and the head of Counterintelligence. He tells Liv that she can’t speak but Mary is right. Her son wasn’t guilty of being a terrorist. In fact, he was CIA, and had infiltrated al-Qaeda. The FBI didn’t know he was undercover so his murder was a mistake. However, no one can know because there are 57 other agents who he brought into the fold and are still undercover. The truth hits Liv like a truck and when she hangs up, she tells Mary that her son was in fact a terrorist and the woman melts in a puddle of her own sorrow. There is nothing else for her to fight for.

The three of them file out the room, with Congressman Struthers at the front. Olivia’s second and waiting military men prepare to grab her when she door slams shut behind her. Mary locked herself in the room, and as Liv is taken away, explosives go off in the room. Mary blew herself up! WHOA!!!

9. Huck’s Control Issue – Olivia returns to the Gladiator office after her ordeal and finds Huck sitting in the dark. She questions whether he’s there to kill her and he says he’s all killed out. Liv realizes that Huck hunted down her father and she screams the question “DID YOU KILL MY FATHER?!” It wasn’t Rowan he killed. He killed the guy in the trailer on Rowan’s orders, basically. And he confesses that his old boss still has power over him. He collapses into sobs in Liv’s arms and managed to show us that her dad is an even bigger monster than we thought.

10. Jake meets Olivia at home – Olivia gets home and when greeted by Jake, she demands to know HOW he is in her house. Well, what she really wants to know is how he got out the B613 hole Rowan sent him to, because “no one ever gets out.” Jake has no answers for her and they sit together ignoring the phonecalls from Rowan himself.

So now we know that Operation Remington is going to cause a giant mess and Rowan Pope is even scarier than we imagined. I didn’t think it was possible.

Poll question: Why do you think Jake is out the hole?

  1. Because Olivia asked Fitz to get him out
  2. Because Jake is on a secret mission for Rowan
  3. Because Olivia promised her dad Sunday dinner

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