CeeLo Faces Drug Charge, But He’s Cleared on Sex Assault Accusation

by | October 21, 2013 at 11:26 AM | The Voice, TV News

CeeLo Green of "The Voice," seen last summer in L.A. (Photo: Getty Images)

NBC reality star CeeLo Green will be charged with possession of ecstasy, but he has reportedly been cleared of charges he spiked a woman’s drink and then sexually assaulted her.

The details on CeeLo’s legal troubles can be found here — on TMZ.com.

The TMZ story says Green’s woes stem from an alleged incident a year ago in Los Angeles, involving a young woman who accused the singer and star of “The Voice” of drugging her, after which she awoke to find herself naked in his bed.

TMZ cited unnamed “law enforcement” sources who said Green won’t be charged for the sexual assault because an investigation uncovered key discrepancies in the woman’s story.

Indeed, Green and his legal representatives encouraged a full investigation, TMZ said, because they were confident he would then be exonerated on the sexual assault accusation.

Watch CeeLo Green in the latest episode of “The Voice”:

But the drug-possession charge will apparently stick. Green, 39, is expected to be arraigned as early as this afternoon in an L.A. court. The single charge — possession of ecstasy — is a felony, TMZ points out, although the penalty for a first-offender is usually probation, the Web site said.