‘Castle’: Castle and Beckett Meet a Time Traveler

Joshua Gomez and Stana Katic on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

Some of the most entertaining episodes of “Castle” involve cases with sci-fi elements and grapple with whether or not there is a mundane explanation for what appears to be an extraordinary event. Monday night’s episode, “Time Will Tell,” featured a man who claimed to be a time traveler from the future. Was he telling the truth? Castle, naturally, wanted to believe him, while Beckett was determined to prove otherwise in an episode that just may have revealed the couple’s future.

Time Traveler or Murderer?

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) investigated the murder of a parole officer named Shauna. A man named Simon (Joshua Gomez), who was recently released from a psych ward, turned up at her apartment and told Castle and Beckett he was a time traveler from 2035 who was on a mission to save not only Shauna, but also humanity.

According to Simon, he was a temporal anthropologist who travels to different times to study their civilization. If that profession actually existed it would be the best job ever. Simon claimed that in 2031 there will be a world war caused by a shortage of energy sources. Fascists will take over the world. He was sent back in time, Terminator-style, to save Shauna, who possessed something that his time-traveling arch enemy wanted. Castle deemed this a logical explanation, while Beckett viewed it as the ramblings of a deranged killer who returned to the scene of the crime.

Initially, Castle seemed right. An autopsy proved that Shauna died while Simon was in the mental hospital. Though the charges against him were dropped, Simon was still held for a psychiatric investigation. When the therapist arrived, Simon had disappeared from his cell. Beckett chalked it up to a bureaucratic error, while Castle thought it was proof that Simon really did have the ability to time travel.

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In the Future, Physicists Will Be Very Powerful

It turned out that the killer paid a hooker to seduce Shauna and steal her keys. The hooker’s pimp was the former cellmate of Shauna’s killer, a man named Garrett who was actually looking for the top-secret address of Shauna’s physicist brother Malcolm. Garrett went to prison for bringing a bomb to an environmental conference. By the time the police got to Malcolm’s house, it was too late. He was already dead. Malcolm’s wife overheard Garrett asking where he could find “the child.”

The trail leads to a writer who knew Garrett from an environmental group. He wrote a book theorizing that one day there will be an energy war. He remembered Garrett lived at the East River power plant because he believed electromagnetic fields made it hard for government to find him. Sure enough, Garrett was at the plant, where he attacked both Beckett and Castle. Riding to their rescue was none other than Simon. He insisted he was tracking Garrett to prevent the impending disaster. Garrett conveniently left behind a copy of a letter to Malcolm from a teen named Paul Deschile, whose last name is pronounced “The Child.” According to Simon, Paul will grow up to invent an energy shield that will end the war. In other words, he’s the John Connor of this story.

Garrett tracked Paul to the planetarium. Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) tackled him before he could kill Paul. Garrett exercised his right to remain silent, lending credence to Simon’s claims. But Paul had a less interesting explanation. He was the person who alerted security that Garrett bought a bomb to the environmental conference. It was a simple case of revenge.

Simon thanked Beckett for saving the world by locking up Garrett. Determined to figure out the real connection between Simon and Garrett, she eventually discovered they were in a psych ward together six years ago. Simon really was just insane. Or so it seemed until he left behind his time travel “device” in the precinct and seemed to disappear when Castle chased after him. Beckett accidentally spilled coffee on Paul’s original letter to Malcolm and realized that it was in the exact same pattern as the spill on Garrett’s copy.

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Castle and Beckett’s Future Revealed

Simon told Castle and Beckett that in the future they would have three kids, she would be a senator and he would abandon mysteries for serious literary fiction. It will be interesting to see if any of these things actually happen on the show.

Alexis Embraces Her Future

Alexis (Molly Quinn) announced that she and Pi were getting their own apartment. While Castle was thrilled that Pi would no longer be freeloading at his house, he was appalled that his daughter was moving in with someone so shiftless. Hilariously, Alexis thought she could afford rent in Manhattan with a work-study job. In a parallel to the main storyline, Castle wished Alexis’s future self could travel back in time to tell her what a mistake she was making.

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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