‘Duck Dynasty’ Recap: Halloween Ignites ‘Ghost’ Debate

Jep and Jessica Robertson dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy on "Duck Dynasty's" Halloween special Wednesday night (Photo: A&E)

Was “Ghost” a horror movie?

Most of us would say no, but Jep Robertson insisted on Wednesday’s Halloween episode of “Duck Dynasty” that the movie, remembered by most as a romance film, scared him.

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In fact, everyone else who heard his claim disagreed with him too. The conversations over the 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg were also notable for the way Whoopi’s name was repeated on “Duck Dynasty,” which was undoubtedly a “first” for this show.

On the show, which served as the finale of “Duck Dynasty’s” fourth season, the Robertson men were recruited to convert the duck-call warehouse into a Scare House for neighborhood children.

As with most projects assigned to the Duck Commander staff, this one was slow-going, as the men seemed to prefer idle conversation and practical-joking to the performance of actual work.

Click on the pic to watch the latest episode of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”:

L-r: Jessica and Jep Robertson, Godwin and Martin celebrated Halloween Wednesday night on "Duck Dynasty." (Photo: A&E)

In addition, enthusiasm for Halloween varied from family member to family member. Jase Robertson refused to wear a costume, while brother Willie Robertson couldn’t wait to don a scary outfit to frighten the neighborhood kids.

On the home front, matriarch Kay Robertson had her grandchildren making Halloween cupcakes while her husband, patriarch Phil Robertson, complained that Halloween was a pagan holiday.

Said Phil, “Pagan holidays [are] not exactly my cup of tea.”

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