‘Good Wife’ Producer Previews Sunday’s ‘Life-Altering’ Episode

Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies on "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

Lots of television episodes are described as game-changing. This Sunday’s episode of “The Good Wife” — ominously titled “Hitting the Fan” — actually lives up to the billing. When Lockhart-Gardner splits into two firms, every single relationship on the show is forever altered. Friends become enemies. Allegiances shift. The love triangle that drove the show’s narrative for four seasons ends. The only things that remained unchanged are Peter’s lack of concern for ethics and Grace’s fondness for bible study. It truly is not only one of the best episodes of the series, but one of the best hours of television this year.

xfinityTV has the scoop from executive producer Robert King previewed what fans can look forward to in this explosive hour of drama.

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Put a Fork in Will and Alicia

Given that Will (Josh Charles) pushed Diane (Christine Baranski) out of the firm that she started just because she said a couple unkind things about him in an interview, it’s no surprise that he does not take Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) departure well. After all, this is a woman he loves who has, in his opinion, betrayed him. The moment in the preview in which Will goes all “Real Housewives of New Jersey” on Alicia’s deal is just the beginning. Forget lovers. These two can’t even be friends. King thought that, after four years, it was time to end the Will/Alicia/Peter triangle. “Once you have a love triangle, it’s kind of a monkey on your back in many ways because there’s only so many ways to tell that story fresh and so it seemed more exciting to see the reverse side of it. What happens when you throw a bomb in the middle of that relationship? How do these people react differently?”

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Alicia Becomes Xena

Alicia Florrick is a rarity among television protagonists in that she is the central character but she is not in a leadership role, professionally or personally. Instead, Alicia has always had to be circumspect, doing what she felt she needed to advance professionally while keeping her opinions to herself. The audience was not even always sure what her goals were. When she becomes the named partner in her own firm, she is finally free to be her authentic self. It turns out that Alicia has been suppressing her inner tiger. Says King, “What we really wanted is kind of a warrior princess Alicia. There’s kind of gauntlets set down between her and Will that actually makes her a more competitive person and she’s sent off on a warpath. In fact, in the writer’s room, we found we had some stories that we had to completely rebuild in the future because suddenly it was a different Alicia that was a little more ballsy that was kicking ass and kind of enjoying kicking ass.”

Watch a Preview of the Big Upcoming “Good Wife” Episode Below:

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Peter Is Up to his Old Tricks for a New Reason

Peter (Chris Noth) decides to involve himself in the war between Lockhart-Gardner and Florrick-Agos. Unlike his past ethical transgressions, these have the potential to help Alicia. But the consequences could be disastrous. “For Peter, one of his Achilles heel’s is an ethical infraction in defense of his family, which as other characters will point out later, is kind of ironic because he can hurt his family all he wants but if anybody else tries to do it, he goes absolutely tribal. The bottom line is that is worrisome. As we pointed out at the beginning of the year, Illinois has a very bad reputation of their governors going to prison.”

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Kalinda Is in the Middle

“The Good Wife’s” most enigmatic character Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) has largely stayed out of the law-firm wars. She turned down an offer from Cary to join the new firm but opted not to rat him out. On Sunday’s episode, she is forced to pick a side. What she knew and when she knew it becomes a source of controversy. King muses, “I would say Kalinda is a fascinating character that, I would say, this year we’ve underplayed more than we should. She is a very pragmatic person who finds that she has emotional ties that keep surprising her… It’s the sort of betrayal we all face, which is we make a promise to one friend and then we find, oh s–t, by making that promise we really hurt this other friend.”

The World Expands

For four years, “The Good Wife” was about Lockhart-Gardner with a sprinkling of the State’s Attorney’s office. Starting with the upcoming episode, the show is about two different law firms, with the governor’s office playing a supporting role. It’s a big change for a show in its fifth season, but King feels it will only strengthen the series. “Once you open up this new landscape, it actually creates a whole new world of stories because there’s so many ways the different worlds dovetail and clash with each other,” he enthuses. “Our guest stars are often brought in because they were antagonists… Now you have antagonists who are among your main cast, which is more fun because you never quite know who you should side with and who should you cheer when they win?”

“The Good Wife” airs Sunday at 9/8c on CBS.

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